Remember To Make Your Asparagus Bed In Your Garden Areas

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Monday, April 4

Have you ever wanted to have an asparagus bed? Go on and start one this year so that you can enjoy it down the line. It is one of those gardens that does take a bit of forethought, but when you're picking your fresh asparagus, it's all worth it.

Plant the "crowns" during winter. In spring, you'll find sprue or very thin stalks. As it matures, you'll get thicker stalks. While in America, we often prefer green asparagus, in Germany gardeners build hills of soil over the plants to keep them white from lack of sun. It's considered a delicacy. Both garlic and onions are cousins of asparagus. Look for autumn onions our mail-order catalog.