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Moss For Sale At The Best Prices You Will Find Anywhere

Moss For Sale At The Best Prices You Will Find Anywhere

Posted by Tammy Sons on Apr 05 , 2018

Moss for sale at a great price

Moss is a shade loving moisture rich garden staple that does not require vigorous hours of maintenance and work. Planting mosses is super easy, all it requires is to simply scratch the surface of the ground and lay the moss pads down. Roots will soon attach to the soil and it will start growing and spreading rapidly thereafter within a few weeks.Moss thrives in moisture as well as shade

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. There are different types for landscaping, laying a carpet-like scenery or for topiary. We have moss for every need in large quantities as well. Carpet moss is best for placement between stepping stones and for a carpet-like appearance. 

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Cushion moss works best for topiary designs and garden statues. We also have moss moss, just perfect for those deep damp areas where you want moss to be subtle and planted for an evergreen effect. So no matter what the scheme in a landscape, moss is great for any type shade gardens.

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