Enjoy and Cherish the Beauty of Fall

Posted by Tammy Sons on 3rd Feb 2016

Thursday, September 22

Fall is the time that brings back a lot of memories from the past. The beautiful colors of the garden and favorable temperatures are ideal to spend most of the time outdoors. This is the season when you can take out time from your busy gardening schedule and spend quality time amongst the nature.

The climate is comparatively cooler and most of the pests and insects start to disappear from the garden. This gives you an opportunity to grab your picnic carpets and baskets and head out to the garden for supper or lunch.

When you step out on the roads you can easily spot children jumping and playing on piles of dried leaves and the sight makes the entire atmosphere merrier. You can go for hiking with the family or even for walks on offbeat trails that have beautiful trees and plants. The diversity of colors and hues that the trees wear in this season will definitely amaze you.

Fall is also the time when women of the house get busy in preparing delicious jams, jellies and marmalades from the last harvest of the season. This time can make you nostalgic and bring back memories of your childhood. Make good use of the fresh fruits and vegetables by utilizing them in making various dishes. Pumpkin pies, Apple Pies, Jams, Tarts and Cakes can be prepared and devoured.

Crocheting, Sewing and Knitting are also quite popular activities amongst women during this season. As soon as the temperature starts dropping you can find women knitting and making crochets. You can also organize get- together and barbecues in your lawn. Arranging get- together and inviting friends will give you an opportunity to showcase you preserves, jams and jellies made out of home grown fruits. You can also serve fresh fruits along with sugar, cream or syrups. Everyone will enjoy the bountiful harvest and appreciate your efforts.