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Easy To Grow Gardening Plants And How You Can Make A Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on 3rd Feb 2016

Friday, March 4

Low Maintenance Landscaping with Rock gardens

Can you have a garden with few or no plants? Some people think you can. A rock garden focuses on the arrangement of rocks, small stones, and sand to create a serene feeling in the visitor. Areas of sand or gravel are raked in patterns to look like soothing stone waves. Moss is sometimes used as a ground cover.

7 Tranquil Rock Garden Ideas - Beautiful Rock Landscaping Ideas

Other plants used for rock gardens

Some rock gardens do include plants, like bamboo or ferns. They are usually more of a backdrop, rather than the focus. Some rock gardens are used for tea ceremonies, especially in Japanese culture. Think about folks in the southern USA sitting on porches and drinking ice tea on summer days. Maybe there is a natural connection with wanting some refreshment while enjoying some reflective time outdoors. Heavenly bamboo and tooth wood ferns are available in our online plant nursery.

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