Bad Weather Hits the Southeast 2nd Year in a Row

Posted by Tammy Sons on 31st Jan 2016

Posted on Friday 12/31

Tennessee usually doesnt get bad weather with near zero extremities.Now this is the second year we've been hit by snow,ice and below freezing temperatures.Our weather for as far back as i can remember has been fairly mild.We did have an ice storm that paralyzed the "world" as we knew it in 1985, March as i remember.Then this year,we had a white Christmas! First one in 13 years! Well since Santa's over,it's a good time to focus on spring planting.Spring is right around the corner and one needs to be prepared for the heat of the summer like the cool of the fall.It's a good time to purchase those Canna,Tulip and Lily Bulbs at a great price.Plants them when the frost in on the ground and they are sure to bloom this spring.