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5 Towering Oak Trees and How They Are Used To Help

5 Towering Oak Trees and How They Are Used To Help

Posted by Tammy Sons on 7th Oct 2017

Oak Trees 

Oak Trees are strong, hardy, and versatile, besides being beautiful states Dennis from Tn Nursery, a leading nursery shipper of quality oak trees. There are many varieties, which are native to various areas of the country and lend themselves to landscaping.

The Water Oak Tree is important in landscaping when a natural look is wanted. They are almost as wide as tall and reach 80 feet when grown in a forest. They are aptly named as this tree grows well where there is lots of water: swampy land. The dark leaves fall late in their native habitat of the Deep South and may not fall at all in milder areas. Water Oaks are faster growing than some oaks and have lovely spatula-shaped leaves.

A Red Oak tree prefers acidic soil; there is also an entire group of oaks known by this name. These trees are huge, with some specimens reaching 140 feet in height throughout the eastern states. They are specimen trees in landscaping; furthermore, these trees are prized for their versatile lumber. It is estimated that these trees can reach 500 years old. Most have leaves that turn a gorgeous dark red.

The Willow Oak is native to the southeastern states and frequently is used in landscaping applications. It is not as tall as other oaks; it reaches perhaps 30 feet in height at maturity. These trees are called Willow Oaks because of their leaves, which resemble willow leaves. They are an important source of winter food for birds and other wildlife as their acorn crop is copious.

White Oak

When people think of oaks, they often think of the White Oak. These trees are 100 feet tall with leaves up to 9 inches long. They are also native to the eastern states. White oaks are perhaps most important for their acorns which feed many varieties of wildlife, such as deer and squirrels. These trees can be as wide as they are tall and live for 300 years. The leaves are usually brown in the autumn but can be purple or red. The shape and arrangement of the branches on these trees in winter can be as arresting and beautiful as the tree in full leaf.

The Pin Oak tree is a medium-sized deciduous tree. It boasts smaller fine-cut leaves and grows rapidly. They can live for 120 years. These trees produce drooping lower branches; furthermore, the general shape is often rounded at the top. It is native from the eastern states to the Midwest. They thrive in poorly drained areas but do not grow well where the ground is continuously wet. Frequently you see these oaks used as a focal point of a large lawn. These oaks are produced in other countries such as Argentina and Australia.

The oak tree is a beautiful tree; perhaps an oak was what Joyce Kilmer was writing about in these famous lines: I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree.

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