NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

When it comes to fencing, the options you have are numerous, and you may get overwhelmed.

Figure out the look you want and what your budget is for this project. Consider what you are planning for your garden fence.

The stockade-style fence is a fence with a bluish tint and has a diamond-tipped design at the top. It is perfect for colorful flower gardens and will highlight every flower and plant. Create a natural look with a willow screen. It is a perfect backdrop for any garden you may have. Oak fencing is also very popular and beautiful. It is simple looking and just giving this wood a clear coating will preserve it and keep it looking modern yet straightforward. It is perfect for the country-looking gardens and will give vines and other climbing plants something to attach themselves to. For a more English-looking garden, you can buy hand-woven panels to create the perfect thing to highlight your brightly colored flowers and green foliage. Trellis panels are also available for purchase and are quite lovely to look at.

Trumpet Vines look great growing along fences.

Purchase them in various designs, and they will be perfect for vines and other trailing and climbing plants and flowers. It will be perfect to create a very showy backdrop for your garden area. For a more reasonable approach, try getting some used boards or panels and create your fence with whatever design you want to have. In more recent years, many have gone with slatted wood for their fencing because of the modern appearance. It is also an excellent fence for climbing plants and vines and will give them the support they need. Some even go with the classic white picket fence for their garden area. Give your garden a cottage look and feel or a rustic country look. The choices are endless, so make sure it reflects you and your garden area. English Ivy is also another great vine to climb fences and trellises.

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