NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Tuesday, March 29

Do you feel frustrated because the flowers from your yard don't look as good when you arrange them as they do at the florists? A nice technique is to cut flowers in two sizes and combine with a green vine or something else that can trail over the edge of the vase. That way, you've got three sizes going at once. This is attractive; one size fits most way to arrange flowers.

To arrange them in an English garden style, make sure some flowers face each direction, as with that style, being viewed from all angles is important. For a contemporary look, make the flowers asymmetrical or mismatched on purpose. Lilacs, which symbolize those first feelings of love in the Victorian language of flowers, are a nice addition to a flower vase when you're inviting that special someone over. Find them in our plant nursery.