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Where ever you live, we have the plants to brighten and beautify. Use our zone finder to find your zone, then select your zone to see trees and plants selected specifically for your zone.

The Advantages of Buying Plants Specifically for Your State

Find My Zone like many people, when you pick plants to plant in your yard, you might just look for the flowers and shrubs that you think are attractive. Of course, it's important to look for plants that you think are visually interesting, but there are other considerations that you should think about as well. For example, as a Tennessee resident, it's a good idea to buy plants that are native to your state, such as azaleas. Here's why.


Help Your Plants Thrive


Find My Zone, you should know that if you choose plants that are native to your state, you can help ensure that they are able to grow and thrive beautifully. Bringing in exotic plants can be challenging because they may be accustomed to completely different climates than what you experience in Tennessee. Native plants, on the other hand, are accustomed to the humidity, temperatures and typical rainfall of the Volunteer State. This means that native plants can be much more likely to grow and flourish.


Make Lawn Maintenance Easier


Find My Zone mentioned above, native plants are accustomed and adapted to the climate in Tennessee. This means that they can be a whole lot easier to care for. Of course, your lawn will still need some care, but you won't have to worry about doing as much of the work yourself since these plants have evolved to grow wild in your state.


Choose Plants that are Part of Your Natural Ecosystem


Native plants attract native animals. For example, a lot of Tennessee's native plants attract the zebra swallowtail butterfly, which is the state's butterfly. By planting native plants, you can help ensure that you attract beautiful birds, butterflies and more.


As you can see, when shopping for plants for your garden, it's a good idea to look for plants that are native to your state. This can help you enjoy a more beautiful garden, and it can save you a lot of work as well. Plus, the natural wildlife in your area is sure to appreciate the native plants as well, so you can attract lots of beautiful birds and butterflies to enjoy. 

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