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Ferns For Sun

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Sun Loving Ferns Are Stable & Easy

If you're wondering where to buy affordable ferns for full sun, then you're in the right place. We have a vast range of full sun ferns for any sunny spots in your garden no matter which zone you're in.

Ferns for fun at high, low everyday prices
We believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful garden, so we do our best to keep our prices low all the time. Our ferns are no exception, and you can grab one for only $5.99, or you can bag a great bulk-purchase discount if you buy five or more plants.

Hardy, sun-loving ferns

Many people think that ferns need cold, damp, shady conditions. And while it's true that many ferns love those conditions, plenty of ferns love the sun too.

If you're looking for ferns that like lots of suns then you can't go past our massive range of sun-loving ferns and full-sun ferns. All are hardy and low maintenance plants. Some are so hardy they can withstand long periods without water.

Take our resurrection fern for instance. This exotic species can lose up to 75% of its water content and still come back to life when it's watered again. So if your resurrection fern dries out, due to drought or because you can't wet it when you're away on vacation, for example, there's a good chance it'll bounce right back when next it receives some water.

We also stock several other drought tolerant ferns for full sun that you might enjoy if you're in a drier area of the country. And most of our sun-loving ferns are also deer-resistant.

Pro tip:
Sun-loving ferns make a great addition to any garden border in a sunny spot.

So if you want to bag an excellent deal on a full-sun fern for a sunny spot in your garden, all our sun-loving ferns look great and are easy to maintain. Buy yours today from $5.99.