Coontail Plant - 25 Plants $89.99

Coontail Plant - 25 Plants $89.99

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Coontail Plant (Ceratophyllum demersum)


Coontail Plant: Ceratophyllum demersum, aka the hornwort or coontail plant, is a perennial herb that will grow either fully or partially submerged in slow-moving water. A North American native species, particularly to Florida and the warm Gulf Coast region of Texas, the herb grows best in the warm to hot USDA plant hardiness zones.


The plant takes its common name from its unique appearance. Its leaves are fan-shaped and feathery, growing in lovely whorls around a central stem--this gives it a shape similar to a raccoon's tail.


The Other worldly Look of the Coontail Plant


The hornwort plant has no roots; it is an olive or dark green, free-floating species with a central stem that nourishes the leaves. The coontail plant can reach up to fifteen feet long and sometimes reaches up toward the sun and out of the water. However, the stem must remain at least partially submerged.


This aquatic species appears in nature in sluggish waters: slow-moving streams or creeks, lakes, protected freshwater inlets, or other calm waters. In the late summer, the hornwort develops fluffy, otherworldly blooms that float on top of the water's surface in the warm temperature zones. However, the blossoms can appear anytime in hotter climates.


The lovely green herb pollinates underwater when gentle currents carry pollen in the water.


The Coontail Plant Is Lovely In Your Pond or Water Garden


TN Nursery customers almost exclusively use the hornwort to add a unique decorative touch to a pond or stream on their property. Because the plant must stay submerged in relatively warm water to thrive, you must provide a full sunshine location with more than a few inches of water.


Order Your Coontail Plant From TN Nursery Today


TN Nursery has a well-informed staff with a wide range of knowledge--including aquatic species. You can order from us with confidence in the quality and health of our plants.


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  • 5
    Coontail Plant

    Posted by Debra Walton on Aug 27, 2019

    These arrived in great shape and packaged nicely. I got them planted.. Can't wait to see what they look like in the spring.

  • 5
    Coontail Plant

    Posted by Chase Brandon on Aug 22, 2019

    This look great around my water garden.

  • 4
    Follow the instructions

    Posted by Gill on May 09, 2016

    If you follow the instructions you should have no problem at all!

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