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Coontail Plant - 25 Plants $89.99 Description

Coontail plant 

Coontail plant - Ceratophyllum demersum - is a plant that will brighten up your water gardens with its vibrant colors.

This plant has a rootless structure and thrives in a moist environment. It is a widespread, deep green, submersible perennial aquatic flowering plant growing in various bodies of water. Even though it does not have real roots, it may very well be gently held to the base by distinctive, finely split, submerged, or free-floating stems, also known as rhizoids. Each plant's stem is covered in beautiful olive-green spirals, with 5 to 12 multilayer leaves set up in each whorl of the plant.

This plant, often known as hornwort, pollinates by the movement of water currents. It often grows long and sparse, reaching lengths of more than 15 feet, although they are typically bushy towards the tips, giving the plant an appearance similar to that of a raccoon's tail (hence, the name) or even a Christmas tree. Fluffy flowers float beautifully in freshwater from June to September. The plants will eventually die and fall into the water, serving food for animals, including ducks and fish.

Coontail plants may be found in practically every body of water, from streams to lakes, and are prevalent in rivers

This plant is very adaptable. It may even thrive in moist soil, resulting in a garden that attracts animals and offers a splash of color and a swath of texture to the surrounding environment. They may be found in practically every body of water, from streams to lakes, prevalent in rivers.

Aside from that, they're often shown in aquariums. It is a free-floating masterpiece since it has no roots. Because of its abundant nutrition, this aquatic marvel has no trouble reproducing itself. Because of their hardy exteriors, these plants are sometimes used as shelters for tiny water creatures. Its leaves provide a home to various creatures, including fish, snails, and insects.

These plants are a remarkable addition to maritime habitats since they are both spectacular and unique in their appearance. These plants reproduce either via the generation of seeds or by the vegetative development of plant fragments.

Tiny blooms are found near the base of the leaf on extremely slender and tiny stalks that are almost unable to hit the surface. Pollination takes place underwater. Coontail pollen has acclimated to remaining wet and can resume its whole lifetime underwater, culminating in a little, tough, oblong seed having three spines. It reproduces by the production of seeds and fragmentation.

As a result of fragmentation, the plant may resprout and develop into new plants, and it can survive overwintering and remains dormant within sediment for extended periods.

As the most rooted aquatic species, this plant obtains its nutrients directly from the water rather than from sediment. It can live in chilly water and low light conditions.

During the winter months, it survives beneath the frozen water as an evergreen plant, and in the spring, it develops at a fast pace.

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    Follow the instructions

    Posted by Gill on May 09, 2016

    If you follow the instructions you should have no problem at all!

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    Coontail Plant

    Posted by Debra Walton on Aug 27, 2019

    These arrived in great shape and packaged nicely. I got them planted.. Can't wait to see what they look like in the spring.

  • 5
    Coontail Plant

    Posted by Chase Brandon on Aug 22, 2019

    This look great around my water garden.


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