Coontail Plant

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Latin Name- Ceratophyllum Demersum Hardy Zone-3-11 Mature Height-1-3ft Width-1-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Coontail – Ceratophyllum Demersum  

Coontail is a great plant to have on your property and can be purchased through a nursery or online mail center. This plant has a rootless system and grows in wet soil. The branches are dense and often resembles a raccoon’s tail thus giving it its name. After the plants die, they will fall in the water and provide a food source for many wildlife such as ducks and fish.

Do you need color to add to your water garden?

This plant is a great water plant to have in your water garden. A plant like this will add tremendous amounts of color to any water garden. This plant will also add a lot of texture to your garden.

The Versatility and Beauty of the Coon-tail Plant
The coon-tail plant derives its name from its bushy, raccoon tail-like, shaped. Each stem of the plant has rich olive-green spirals, with typically 5 to 12 layered leaves within each whorl. Also known as hornwort, this plant is rootless, and water currents enable the plant to pollinate. Between June and September, fluffy blooms can be seen gracefully floating in fresh water.

This unusual plant is very easy to multiply! Shoots from the central stem can be detached and grown into a full plant. Perfect for water gardens and aquariums, the dead leaves will drop to the surface of the water, adding a food source for fish and ducks.

The coon-tail plant has versatility. It can also grow in wet soil, creating a garden that not only attracts wildlife but also adds vibrant color and interesting texture to the landscape. This plant is wildly accessible and can be purchased in most nurseries and fish stores.

The foxtail is another aquatic plant that grows incredibly fast. Deep, vibrant, red or brilliant green, the leaves are lush willows grown on slender stems. This plant can beautify aquariums by being placed towards the back of the tank to block out any visibility of electrical wires and cords.



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