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Ornamental grass is a low-maintenance solution for discerning native gardeners without much time to spare. You can welcome in local wildlife, create shelter and visual appeal, and even restore the quality of your soil - provided you make the right selection.

Beauty and Elegance

A beautiful and visually appealing landscape or garden does not have to be a high-maintenance project. Ornamental grasses are a way to add visually appealing plants to your landscape that do not require a lot of upkeep or work to maintain. They also provide other benefits to the health of the surrounding plants and the environment overall.

Ornamental Grass Makes Stunning Landscapes

Many varieties add a subtle but noticeable collar variation to your garden. They are especially useful for breaking up longer lines or larger areas of shrubs. Some varieties, such as zebra and horsetail, are variegated and add depth to areas of similar color. Others, such as Mondo and Purple Fountain, come in sharp, darker tones or more muted purples. Others, such as Feather Reeds, add a more classic look with the beige tones of dried wheat.

Easy To Grow

Along with increasing the visual appeal of your garden, they can help improve the health and stability of your landscaping. Many varieties work great at soil or erosion control, especially on steeper slopes. Also, taller types can help create shade or provide protection from stronger winds to more delicate flowers, blooms, or other plants that may thrive better without direct sunlight.

Butterflies Love It

They are also a great way to encourage pollinators and smaller birds to visit your garden, helping with pollination and increasing plant health. Taller and thicker groups of them provide great areas of protection for pollinators and can even be a safe place for smaller birds to nest and raise their young.

TN Nursery Offers These Great Border Plants

While they work well at filling in gaps or larger bare areas in your garden, they provide many other benefits while requiring minimal maintenance. Most varieties are hardy and grow well in many climates. They are also very tolerant of minimal to no care, with some only requiring trimming to suit your desired look.

If you want to put that final touch on your landscaping or add a little variety without adding work in upkeep, a variety of them will work great for you.