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Easy moss to grow isn't just a myth. Moss can help you grow your garden into a lush oasis or turn your terrarium into a vibrant small world. Sure, it's beautiful - but it's also hardy and can thrive nearly anywhere. TN Nursery offers a wide selection of easy-to-grow mosses that can suit any gardener's needs.

Anyone Can Grow Moss Successfully

Want to liven up and beautify your environment but think you have a black thumb? Not to worry: Moss is so easy to grow that anyone can do it successfully. Once established, moss is the ultimate low-maintenance plant because it takes care of itself.

Growth And Spreads

Moss adapts to its environment. It's been around for thousands of years, managing to grow and flourish deep in forests with no human help.

Moss is probably best known for its ability to spread quickly. It doesn't make seeds or flowers. It releases microscopic spores that travel through the air and settle onto nearly anything: trees, rocks, logs, or even manmade materials.

One reason moss is so adaptable and hardy is its root system - actually, its lack of a root system. Mosses have a unique rhizoid system in which a colony of tiny plants essentially knits themselves together. They take nutrients directly from the air.

Choosing the Ideal Environment

If you can provide the space, moss can provide the growth. Moss loves heavily shaded areas, but can also thrive in mixed sun and shade.

Before you choose your moss, consider exactly where you want it to go and what you want it to look like. This helps you narrow your choices down as you explore all our top-selling moss options.

It Is TN Nursery's Easiest to Grow

Our TN Nursery team hand-selected more than a dozen North American native mosses, and they're all easy to grow. A few really stand out because they're ideal for beginners or for any gardener looking for low-maintenance options for the home or garden.

Our best-selling easy-growth mosses include:

Lawn moss: Easily spreads to cover bald spots in your yard.

Peat moss: Improves soil quality (and you can grow it yourself versus buying bags of it).

Haircap moss: Wispy hairlike texture, makes a soft carpet with a bit of height.

There are many other easy-growing options, like sheet moss and sphagnum moss, too. Growing moss can make you feel like you've leveled up your gardening skills, and your environment reaps the beautiful benefits.