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Silver Maple Live Stakes - Package of 25 - TN Nursery
Silver Maple Live Stakes - Package of 25
Silver Maple Live Stakes  Silver Maple Live Stakes, Acer saccharinum, or the silver maple live stakes, are a deciduous American native tree that grows in almost every USDA growing zone. TN Nursery offers silver maple live stakes as an alternative for customers who invest in large-scale landscape or reforestation efforts.  Landscapers, conservationists, and gardeners all love the silver maple tree for its rapid growth, stately size, and abundant foliage and shade. It thrives in either a full or partially sunny site.  Silver maple live stakes mature into a resilient native tree. They are compaction-tolerant, cold-tolerant, heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and pest-resistant. They love high-moisture soil, even wet clay, that can hinder the development of less hardy trees.  What are silver maple live stakes?  Live stakes refer to a propagation technique in which a horticulturist or arborist removes a tree branch during winter dormancy. These cuttings are the silver maple live stakes. After the spring thaw, the stake must go into its permanent new home as soon as possible. The live stakes will sprout roots there, strengthening and growing into a tree.  Silver Maple Live Stakes Require Very Little Care  Silver maple live stakes demand heavy moisture but dislike having wet feet. In the native forest, this species grows best next to marshes, alongside riverbeds, and in flood zones. Despite a penchant for moisture, this resilient tree will become drought tolerant as it matures.  Silver maple live stakes have a second need--a generous helping of woody organic materials upon planting. Please give them a big scoop of peat moss, woody mulch, or another nitrogen-rich fertilizer or compost.  Besides these two requests, your silver maple live stakes need little else from you.  Silver Maple Live Stakes Will Become a Stunning Tree  Silver maple live stakes can grow up to six feet per growing season. Although it's challenging to envision, let's look at the future of your life's stakes. Those silver maple live stakes can eventually reach around eighty feet and feature a dense, round canopy that provides plentiful shade. After you grow your silver maple live stakes, you'll also see where it gets its common name from--the silvery white underside of the emerald green, five-lobed leaves. Order Your Silver Maple Live Stakes From TN Nursery Today  TN Nursery staff will send your silver maple lives stakes fresh to ensure the best results. Please place your order today. 
Christmas Gift Package - TN Nursery
Christmas Gift Package
TN Nursery Has an Eco-Friendly Christmas Package Available For All Your Holiday Decor, Gifts, and Surprises! All For $49.99 - We even include fresh live mistletoe In this package, you will receive the following: 5 Pinecones (these are actual pine combs, harvested and usually shipped the same day) 2 Small Evergreen trees - You can put these in a home container and then plant them for your very own Christmas Trees - It comes in a cell pack with dirt around the roots and is super tiny and easy to plant after the holidays. 3 Pieces of Mistletoe Tied with a Red Bow - Our mistletoe is freshly harvested also and shipped to you. 1 Bag of Fresh Evergreen Moss (Gallon Bag) Deepak came up with an excellent idea! He said to offer you a limited supply of items and put together a much sought-after Holiday basket. Whether you want fresh live mistletoe to hang over your door or perhaps your lovey's head, we have fresh live plants for all your holiday wants and needs. What about the fresh pinecones we harvest underneath Tennessee Mountain Pine Trees? They smell like the holidays, and they would make perfect decorum in baskets or farmhouse trays. Adorn them with our fresh mistletoe and a small pine tree; you have the most ec0-friendly Christmas decor! This assortment is live plants, nothing artificial here. All are Eco Friendly and ready to plant or use in Holiday Decor. Or charm that special someone early. We Have Limited Supplies On This Bundle, So Order Now; We Start Shipping These Packages the First Week of December And Only Have 114 Available, Then They Are Gone Until Next Year.
Reindeer Live Moss Bowl (With Moss)
Reindeer Live Moss Bowl - Moss & Bowl Kit Included This is only a kit Only - You must assemble This Reindeer Live Moss Bowl is a beautiful decoration that goes great with any flower or garden arrangement. We've made it easy for you by pre-designing a gorgeous centerpiece, complete with our high-quality white porcelain bowl. You don't have to trim, shape, or do anything else besides shop online, have our centerpiece delivered to you, and put it in any home area you'd like! If you're wondering about the many benefits of our reindeer moss centerpiece and why you should shop online at TN nursery, the internet's number 1 voted online nursery, read on below to find out more! Another name for Reindeer Live Moss is the fungi species "lichen," which hails from the cold tundra of the northern hemisphere. It is a beautiful variety that has intricate branches resembling small webs. Its branches can grow almost 8cm tall, and every single web that makes up the branch holds its shape incredibly well. It allows the plant to be sturdy and gives it a variety of uses, including as the main attraction for your next centerpiece. If you're purchasing our centerpiece, it is available in vibrant green and can brighten up any space! Imagine this centerpiece displayed in your foyer, kitchen, or dining room. Other reindeer moss can range in color from light green to white, gray, and brown. Reindeer Live Moss Bowl - Centerpiece Display Moss and Bowl Included - Own and Display this Rare and Beautiful Greenery Reindeer Live Moss Bowl is a beautiful variety treasured due to its relatively slow-growing time. Reindeer moss takes time to harvest. It grows at only around 0.12 to 0.2 inches per year! However, it is valued for its beauty and medicinal healing properties or decoration once cultivated. We use only the freshest and take pride in cultivating and using only the best and healthiest plants for our centerpieces. Don't get stuck with a centerpiece that looks dead, drab, or dried out; order from TN Nursery instead. Our centerpiece can be displayed in a variety of areas, including: Individual tables for an event Your main dining room table In your foyer On your living room coffee table On your patio for a sophisticated ambiance On your vanity in your bathroom Our white porcelain bowl and our beautiful plant make it easy to decorate around this centerpiece or use it as the main attraction! Display Centerpiece We harvest and sell only the freshest live plants and our beautiful bowls. Shop online for our Reindeer Live Moss Bowl today and enjoy its beauty up close! We send a nice bowl (the image of the bowl with no moss is the one we send). It is the most significant centerpiece in farmhouse decorations for the year 2022. We have a limited supply of these, which are highly sought after, but they won't last long. Reindeer Live Moss Bowl is available at Tn Nursery PLEASE ALLOW 10-12 DAYS TO SHIP THIS PRODUCT. WE HARVEST OUR MOSS FRESH, AND IT'S VERY LIMITED IN THE WINTER SEASON
Dark Green Bulrush - Package of 25 Plants
Dark Green Bulrush (Scirpus atrovirens) Green Bulrush: Scirpus atrovirens, or the green bulrush, is a North American native ornamental wetland grass. It is a common sight in and around rivers, marshes, swamps, wetlands, ponds, ditches, bogs, streams, flood plains, and other slow-draining locations across most moderately-warm USDA plant hardiness zones. Green bulrush prefers full sunshine, but it also does well in partial sun. It generally stays under three feet tall but occasionally grows up to four feet high. Green bulrush has a robust root system that helps to avoid water erosion as floods recede. It actively grows throughout most of the year and displays its flowers during the late summer months.  You may also know Scirpus atrovirens by other common names, including the following:  Dark green bulrush Dark green bulsedge Black bulrush Black bulsedge  Have a Slow Draining Spot? Try Planting Green Bulrush  Your effort to grow anything in a slow-draining part of the yard presents a challenge. Most ornamental plants don't like continuous moisture and run the risk of mildew or disease. However, the reverse is true with the green bulrush. It loves that excess moisture and will thrive in any area with standing water--it even has mild tolerance for saltwater. Not only will it flourish in this location, but it will also look beautiful and add visual interest to the space.  Green Bulrush Is a Lovely Addition to a Water Garden  TN Nursery customers order this sedge for wet applications, including these:  Water Garden Rain garden Ponds or along creeks on their properties Wet natural areas  Its relatively short height--an average of three feet above water--ensures it does not block a beautiful view of the water. Each plant grows in large tufts of about eight green leaves, yellow green to dark green. Small brown flowers appear on the plants in the late summer and remain until they drop off in the autumn.  Order Your Green Bulrush From TN Nursery Today  TN Nursery suggests the green bulrush for anyone who needs shorter, ornamental grass for a pond or water garden. Order your Scirpus atrovirens from TN Nursery today.
Three Seeded Sedge - Package of 25 Plants
Three Seeded Sedge (Carex trisperma) Three Seeded Sedge: Carex trisperma, or three seeded sedge, is a vibrant green, tall, North American native perennial grass. It originated in New England but will do well in almost all USDA plant hardiness zones in the contiguous United States. It is unfussy about light requirements, growing in complete sun or a mixture of sunshine and shade. Three Seeded Sedge Is a Water Pond Favorite TN Nursery customers with ponds love this sedge grass for its relatively easy care along the banks of their water garden. This grass loves a moist environment, such as the edges of a creek, river's edge, swamp, inlet, or pond. But it's also drought-tolerant during short dry spells. Three seeded sedge stems are thick and fibrous with three long, narrow arrow-shaped leaves that wrap around them tightly. This growing pattern gives the sedge grass the necessary structure as it grows into a tall, spiky plant at maturity. The leaves are generally glossy in appearance and dark green. However, depending on the soil and light conditions, the colors can range from a lighter, yellowish green to forest green--almost brown. They form large, attractive clumps that will spread to about one foot across. The clumps will house ten or more two-foot tall tufts to form a lovely spiked appearance. Carex trisperma Attracts Local Wildlife Three seeded sedge blossoms arrive in the summer, small white flowers. Although almost unnoticeable among the grassy cover, bees and butterflies will take note and arrive to help spread the pollen. Birds will also arrive as the flowers give way to seeds that will provide them with an excellent source of nutrition. Order Your Three Seeded Sedge From TN Nursery Today TN Nursery has seventy years of experience in the landscape and plant industry. You can order confidently today, secure in the knowledge that you will receive a healthy, well-cared-for three seeded sedge. 
Helleri Holly 6-8"
Helleri Holly- Ilex x Herreri   Helleri holly, scientifically known as Ilex x 'Helleri,' is an evergreen shrub from the Aquifoliaceae family. It is a popular landscaping plant appreciated for its dense, compact growth habit, glossy foliage, and vibrant berries. In this description, we will explore the various aspects of Helleri holly, including its appearance, growth requirements, and significance in garden design. The Helleri holly is a small to medium-sized shrub, typically reaching 3 to 4 feet with a similar spread. The compact size is ideal for foundations, hedges, or border plantings. The dense, branching structure gives the shrub a neat appearance throughout the year. Helleri Holly is a small compact evergreen shrub One of the most distinctive features of Helleri holly is its evergreen foliage. The leaves are small, oval-shaped, and glossy, dark green. They are leathery in texture, providing the plant with excellent durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. The foliage creates a lush backdrop and adds year-round interest to the landscape. Besides its attractive foliage, Helleri holly produces colorful berries, adding a delightful touch to the shrub. The berries emerge in the fall and persist through the cold winter season, providing a food source for birds and wildlife. The initial color of the berries is bright red, but they gradually turn to a deep purple-black as they mature. This transformation adds visual interest and makes Helleri Holly stand out in the winter garden. Cultivating Helleri holly is relatively easy, making it a popular choice among gardeners. It thrives in full or partial sun, although it performs best in locations with some needed shade during the hottest day. The shrub prefers well-drained soil but can tolerate many soil types, including clay and sandy. Once established, Helleri holly is relatively drought-tolerant, although regular watering during dry periods benefits its overall health.   Pruning is essential to maintaining Helleri holly's compact shape   Pruning is recommended in late winter or the early spring before new growth emerges. This practice helps promote a dense and uniform form. Additionally, pruning allows for shaping the shrub to fit specific design needs, such as creating formal hedges or maintaining a neat border.Helleri Holly has various applications in garden design. Due to its small dwarf growth habit, it is used as a hedge or a foundation planting around houses and buildings. Its evergreen foliage provides a year-round backdrop, adding structure and texture to the landscape. Moreover, its small size makes it suitable for small gardens, containers, and urban landscapes with limited space.Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Helleri holly has ecological value. The berries provide food and are a source for birds, which helps support local wildlife populations. In addition, the dense foliage provides cover and nesting sites for birds, contributing to biodiversity in the garden.In conclusion, Helleri holly is an evergreen shrub renowned for its compact growth, glossy foliage, and colorful berries. It is an excellent choice for creating formal hedges, foundation plantings, or adding structure to the garden. With its low maintenance requirements and ecological benefits, Helleri holly is a versatile and attractive addition to any landscape design.
American Beech Seedlings - Package of 100
American Beech Seedlings  American beech (Fagus grandifolia) is a deciduous tree that grows in the eastern United Stat. It is a lovely tree that can reach a height of 50-80 feet (15-24 meters) and a spread of 40-60 feet (12-18 meters) at maturity. American beech seedlings are small, delicate plants that can grow 1-2 feet tall the first year.   American Beech Tree Seedlings Appearance The leaves of the American beech seedling are elliptical, with a pointed tip and a wavy margin. They are a bright green color and have a slightly fuzzy texture. As the seedling grows, the leaves will become larger and more elongated, with a smoother margin.The American beech seedling has a shallow root system that spreads horizontally beneath the soil surface. This makes it vulnerable to damage from foot traffic or other disturbances. It is essential to avoid compacting the soil around the seedling and to provide adequate space for it to grow.The bark of the American beech seedling is smooth and gray, with distinctive horizontal lines or ridges. As the seedling matures, the bark will become rougher and more deeply furrowed.The American beech seedling produces flowers in the spring before the leaves emerge. The flowers are small and inconspicuous, with male and female flowers appearing on the tree. The female flowers develop into small, prickly burrs that contain the seeds.The seeds of the American beech are triangular and about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long. They are enclosed in a woody outer shell that splits open when the seeds mature. The seeds are dispersed by wind or animals, such as squirrels or birds, that eat the nut-like inner seed.In the wild, American beech seedlings are found in forests or woodlands, often associated with other hardwood trees like maple, oak, and hickory. They prefer well-drained soils rich in organic matter but can tolerate various soil types.American beech seedlings in landscaping are often used as a specimen trees or part of a mixed planting. They can also be grown as bonsai due to their small size and delicate appearance. How American beech seedlings are used in landscaping   American beech (Fagus grandifolia) seedlings can be used in various ways in landscaping. Here are a few common uses: Shade Trees: American beech trees are known for their large, spreading canopies, which provide excellent shade. Seedlings can be planted strategically to create shaded areas in landscapes, such as parks, gardens, or residential properties. Ornamental Trees: Beech trees have attractive foliage with glossy, dark green leaves that turn golden bronze in the fall. Their smooth gray bark adds visual interest year-round. As seedlings grow into mature trees, they can serve as focal points or anchor trees in landscaping designs. Windbreaks and Privacy Screens: Due to their dense foliage and large size, American beech trees can be used to create windbreaks or privacy screens. Planting a row of seedlings in a linear pattern can help block strong winds, create privacy, or screen undesirable views. Forest Restoration: If you have a large property or are involved in reforestation efforts, American beech seedlings can be used to restore or enhance forests. They are native to eastern North America and can contribute to the ecological diversity of an area. Habitat Creation: American beech trees provide a habitat for various wildlife species. Planting seedlings can help attract birds, squirrels, and other animals to your landscape, contributing to a more vibrant ecosystem.   When using American beech seedlings in landscaping, it's essential to consider their mature size, as they can grow quite large (up to 80 feet tall and 60 feet wide). Ensure you have adequate space for the trees to grow and avoid planting them too close to structures or other plants that may be negatively affected by their size or shading. Additionally, beech trees prefer well-drained soil and partial shade, so consider these factors when selecting the planting location.