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Warm Season Live Mosses

Warm Season Live Mosses

Tn Nursery's Warm Season Mosses Adds Year Round, Lush Green Color, Beauty, and an Earth Appeal In Landscaping.

Whether you are an avid or master gardener or an amateur with mosses, you can never go wrong! It's easy to grow, loves shade and moisture, and Tn Nursery has a variety to fit your specific needs.

Whether You Need Sun or Shade Moss, Or Perhaps Moss That Works Well In Both Environments and easy moss choices for starter gardens, Tn Nursery Has A Large Selection To Choose From, Including:


Easy Moss For Beginners


Shade Moss


Sun Moss


Free shipping when you spend $99 or more on mosses and all our moss is harvested fresh and shipped immediately to your home, office, or job site.

Perfect for - Terrariums, Erosion Control, Stagnant Swamp Cleanup, Air Pollution, Mosquitos, and Overall added beauty in landscaping!

Best Sellers Include The Following Mosses:


Carpet Moss

Carpet moss is the perfect moss to place around stepping stones, around playhouses, or in areas of shade where you want to keep weeds under control and keep it looking manicured year-round. It's also a living carpet and spreads quickly. Its velvety look always makes it a favorite moss for homeowners and gardeners. It also prevents weeds, and installation is super easy. Scratch up the soil with a garden rake, lay the pads down, water, and watch it grow.

$9.99 - Ships Now


Pin Cushion Moss

This moss species is a favorite of many due to its thick pincushion appearance. It's also excellent for terrariums and shade gardens around perennials and fern plants. Cushion moss is thick and lush, and it accents bowls and centerpieces when used in farmhouse decor and inside.

$9.99 - Ships Now


Sheet Moss

Sheet moss is just that: Sheets of moss you can place between landscaping stones or near flat areas in landscaping. It's also used for lawn moss by many when they have areas of shade that grass will not grow in, This particular moss is the perfect evergreen staple in place of common lawn grass, and it also can withstand filtered sunlight.

$9.99 - Ships Now



Fern Moss

Fern Moss is one of the most frilly and attractive mosses in stock. It's a best seller because its appearance is so attractive. It's a partial sun thriving moss, making it a favorite of many also. This moss grows in mats and is effortless to maintain and grow.

$9.99 - Ships Now


Rock Cap Moss

Rock cap moss, known better as polytrichum commune, thrives in high humidity. It's a low-lying groundcover moss species that doesn't exceed 2 inches in height, and it's also an evergreen species that can flourish in the sun or shade, making it an easy favorite of all mosses for that area in landscaping that possesses sun or shade. Its texture is thick, and it does exceptionally well in moist soils.

$9.99 - Ships Now


Sphagnum Moss

It is the same type of moss as "peat moss." It's a perfect media moss, and it retains 3oo times its weight in moisture and is used in gardens, around plants, and on the roots of bare-root plants to retain moisture. It's the perfect moss in stagnant swamps or low-lying wet areas. This moss will not only clear up toxins in standing water but also help control mosquitoes and gnats.

$9.99 - Ships Now



Moss Sampler Pack

You get a sample of each type of moss we sell in our moss sampler packs like this one, and it's perfect for terrariums, decor bowls, and reptile (critter) homes. It is a trendy assortment of moss, and we choose a selection of best sellers you can use in the sun or shaded areas in landscaping.

$9.99 - Ships Now


Shade Garden Moss

If you have areas in your landscaping that are full shade and some filtered sunlight, this moss will thrive in these areas. Moss prevents soil erosion, cleans the air, and helps in weed control when used around perennials, ferns, and annual plants.

$9.99 - Ships Now


Terrarium Moss Kit

Contains 1 square foot of mood moss which is perfect for terrariums.

$24.99 - Ships Now



Topiary Moss

Topiary mosses are plentiful for artists for topical designs, structures, and making all types of creations. Buttermilk moss mixtures are popular with this type of moss, and chicken wire holds the moss in place for topiary designs. We sell thousands of square feet of this best-selling moss for artists, architects, and designers all over North America.

$9.99- Ships Now


Mood Moss

This moss is very popular with homeowners and gardeners alike. Mood moss is versatile, easy to maintain, and works well in sun or shade. It's a vibrant green in color and an evergreen species thick in texture and a favorite of many upscale gardens.

$9.99 - Ships Now


Moss Lawn

Do you have a lovely lawn, but in shade areas, no grass will grow? Lawn Moss is the perfect solution for you. It grows in the sun and shade; unlike common lawn grass, it thrives in shaded areas.

$9.99 - Ships Now



Haircap Moss

Hair Cap Moss is a tall species of native moss with vibrant frilly tops resembling ferns. It's also excellent for use in flower gardens and shaded areas for weed control and enhances the minerals and richens of the soil when placed around shrubs and perennials.

$9.99 Ships Now


Hedwigia Moss

This type of moss has vibrant white shoots on the end of the moss and raised bright green spores coming from the mat of the plant. It's preferred in areas of forest floors and grows in ultra-rich soils. Hedwigia moss can grow in shade or sun and is also a low-maintenance evergreen moss.


Reindeer moss

Reindeer moss is a lichen, not a true moss, but it's a dense, thick groundcover that is super popular because it's the rarest of all lichens. It's sun moss and has a light grey color and stiff texture. It is perfect for exotic moss bowls in home decor, and its no maintenance makes it an excellent seller because it can live without being watered.

$9.99 - Ships Now



Real Mood Moss Bowl

Moss & Bowl Included $32.99

Rated #1 on farmhouse magazine's February edition for the best-loved centerpiece of 2022.


Real Moss Covered Rocks

8-10 Rocks, Bowl Included $37.99

Moss rocks are now all the rage for tabletop decor and kitchen tables used for centerpieces.


Reindeer Live Moss Bowl

Moss & Bowl Included $29.99

An exotic live bowl is the perfection of simple farmhouse decor. Reindeer lichen moss is versatile and famous and is colored in a shade of grey. The 2022 color of choice for paint color choices.


terrarium plants - wild collected - TN Nursery

Terrarium Plant Kit

Our terrarium plant package has a large assortment of fresh turkey tails, rocks, lichens. mosses and plants Bailey collects in the mountains and from the hills of middle Tennessee, between Nashville and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The First Image Is An Exact Image of a Terrarium Plant Package Bailey Collected In these hills and mountains, lyes rich land full of exotic things you can not go out and buy like lichens, mosses, fossils, odd rocks and things that Bailey knows would make a wonderful addition to any terrarium. Often it contains lichens, fresh live moss, turkey tail, rocks, Mitchella repens, and running cedar. The items are wild-collected by Bailey, and she takes great pride in her horticultural skills, containing only the highest-quality plants for the kit. Our kit is the price of one item in stores, and we guarantee you won't like it; you will love it! Our terrarium Plant Package Contains Wild Collected Lichens, Pine Combs, Creek Rocks, and Live Moss Plus More What's so amazing is each kit is choosen by hand by bailey. Bailey studied plant science is school and she knows what's hot and what's not! We've never has one complaint about our terrarium plant packages other than someone can not order 10 at a time. Please do not order over five kits because she works in the warehouse and spends her evenings and weekends collecting rare treasures for these kits. We always have limited quantities of these plants. It is plants only, no container. In today's fast-paced and urbanized world, finding tranquility and peaceful relaxation with nature can be challenging. However, TN Nursery's terrarium garden kit offers a unique opportunity to create a serene oasis right at home, thanks to the assortment of freshly dug plants from the hills of Tennessee.   With Bailey's expertise and horticultural skills, the plant terrarium kit package promises to be a delightful experience for any plant enthusiast or nature lover. The terrarium garden kit is carefully curated with a diverse selection of flora, providing a glimpse into the natural wonders of Tennessee. Lichens, those intriguing symbiotic organisms formed from a combination of fungi and algae, add a touch of mystique and enchantment to the miniature landscape. Fresh live moss brings lush greenery to the arrangement, creating a soft, velvety carpet that mimics the forest floor. Turkey tail, a beautiful and colorful mushroom species, adds an element of surprise with its vibrant hues. Terrarium Garden Plants Features Rare, Exotic, and Exceptional Plants! Bailey's Specialty   One of the highlights of the plant terrarium kit is the inclusion of two exceptional plants: Mitchella repens and running cedar. Mitchella repens, also known as partridge berry, features delicate white flowers and bright red berries, making it a charming addition to any terrarium. Running cedar, on the other hand, is a creeping evergreen plant that cascades gracefully over rocks, creating a sense of movement and life within the terrarium. Creek Bed Rocks, Lichen Wood, Mitchella Repens, and Live Moss To complete the ensemble, the terrarium garden kit comes with carefully selected rocks that serve as a decorative element and contribute to the miniature ecosystem's overall health. These rocks provide anchorage for the plants and help retain moisture within the terrarium, creating a self-sustaining environment. Each plant included in the kit is wild-collected by Bailey herself, reflecting her dedication to sourcing only the highest quality specimens. This personal touch adds value and authenticity to the terrarium garden kit, making it unique. TN Nursery's decision to limit the number of kits available is a testament to its commitment to providing a unique and memorable experience for each customer. By doing so, they ensure that every kit is filled with rare treasures and receives the utmost attention and care from Bailey herself. Rather than mass-producing plant terrarium kits, TN Nursery prioritizes quality over quantity, catering to those who genuinely appreciate the beauty and intricacies of nature. Upon receiving the terrarium garden kit, customers are in for a treat. As they carefully unpack the plants, rocks, and other elements, they will discover the artistry and thoughtfulness of each selection. Creating the terrarium becomes a meditative and therapeutic activity, allowing individuals to reconnect with nature and find solace in the simplicity of gardening. The Terrarium Plant kit features all the plants you need for high-end exotic equipment. It does not come with a container glass. With plants only, individuals can tailor their terrarium to suit their taste and interior décor, transforming it into a unique and cherished centerpiece. In conclusion, TN Nursery's terrarium garden kit celebrates nature's beauty, thoughtfully crafted to bring the wonders of Tennessee's hills into homes across the country. Bailey's Terrarium Plant Kit Makes Everyone Smile When They Receive it. Bailey's dedication to horticulture and her passion for collecting rare treasures shine through each kit, ensuring an unforgettable experience for anyone fortunate enough to own one. Creating a terrarium using the assortment of freshly dug plants and other elements from the equipment is not just an act of gardening; The terrarium garden kit is creating a sanctuary—a small piece of the wilderness right at home. So, if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these limited-quantity kits, embrace it, nurture it, and let it become a source of joy, peace, and wonderment in your life.

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