The Language Of Landscaping

Language of Landscaping

Do you ever feel like landscaping is a foreign language someone forgot to teach you? Some of the words seem more complicated than they have to be, and some plain doesn't make any sense! For instance, annual is pretty harmless. That's a plant that lives for a year. But biennial? Something to do with the bicentennial, maybe? No, that's just a plant that lives for two years. Plant-like parsley is a biennial. It produces leaves the first year, flowers the following year, then dies.


To be a perennial, technically, a plant has to live for more than two years, but most live far longer than that. Generally, a perennial can withstand a good winter. It may die back, but come to the warmer weather, it'll spring back to life. It is Taken; literally, shrubs and trees are perennials, too, but most people don't refer to them that way. Snow on the mountain, a perennial member of the parsley family, can be found in our mail order nursery.

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