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Saturday, April 2

Why did Princess Kate have a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet?

Believe it or not, every royal female since the 1800s has had a sprig of myrtle from one planted by Queen Victoria at her palace near the sea, Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

In Queen Victoria's day, myrtle meant fidelity. In Hebrew times, it symbolized marriage itself. During the Victorian era, it became famous for brides to save a bit of ivy or myrtle used in their bouquets to plant on their family land for generations to come. That's one lovely tradition that's still taking place. There are many types of myrtle. Find lavender star crape myrtle among our bare root plants

Pink Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Pink Crepe Myrtle

Pink Crepe Myrtle is a deciduous shrub or small tree with vibrant, pink crepe-paper-like flowers and smooth, cinnamon-colored bark. It is often used for ornamental landscaping. Its captivating beauty and versatile characteristics offer many advantages when incorporated into landscaping endeavors. Its unique attributes provide a harmonious blend of aesthetic, ecological, and practical benefits, making it a cherished choice among landscape designers and homeowners. Thanks to its large, colorful blooms and standout look, the pink crepe myrtle is a beautiful addition to any yard. This deciduous tree grows well in various conditions, making it well-suited for enhancing aesthetics in many yards. If you plant this distinctive tree in your yard, you can enjoy several exciting benefits. What are these benefits? Vibrant Colors Of The Pink Crepe Myrtle Its long-lasting blooms cover most of the surface area of the leafy branches, which can grow up to 15 feet in diameter, making this colorful tree a focal point in the yard. The flowers' colors range from baby rose to fuchsia, carnation, and hot and rosy shades. In addition, the slightly rounded leaves are deep green, and the bark has a pinkish-gray hue. The bark is generally smooth and mottled, which adds to its fascinating look. Enhance Pollination With The Pink Crepe Myrtle Many types of plants rely on pollinating insects and birds. The flowers on this tree have a strong fragrance. In addition, the bark emits sap, and these two elements combine to attract up to 30 pollinator species to the yard. Pollinators are beneficial insects and birds that have a solid impact on the overall health of your yard’s small ecosystem. Many birds and insects drawn to these trees are beneficial in other ways. For example, these bugs and birds often feast on the various damaging pests in a yard. By managing the population of unwanted pests, your plants can enjoy an overall healthier environment. More Privacy Is Available With Pink Crepe Myrtle Many homes are built close to each other, allowing direct views from the windows and porches of one house to those of another. This lack of privacy erodes the comfortable living experience in the home. Pink Crepe Myrtle trees often grow up to 20 feet tall and have dense, bushy branches. When the tree is in full bloom, it may be impossible to see through the flowers and branches. Because the tree grows well above the height of a privacy fence, privacy reaches a new level.

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