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Making Glitter Ornaments | TN

What better way to decorate and trim your tree than to make some homemade ornaments to go onto your tree with the holidays coming up?

You can do an easy Christmas project with your kids, daycare class, and school class or alone by making glue ornaments.

That is a straightforward and straightforward project and costs practically nothing.

Supplies: pompoms, white bottle glue (liquid) works best, glitter, wax paper, cookie sheet or flat surface, markers, and paintbrush

First, you need to lay out some wax paper and squirt the glue onto the wax paper into your desired design. For those who don’t mind getting a little messy, you can spread the inside with your finger or use a paintbrush.

As your design is still wet, you can place on your decorations, using pompoms for buttons, eyes, glitter for decorations, and more.

If you want to use markers to decorate, allow for your design to dry overnight. After your design has dried overnight, you can gently pull your design off the wax paper and place a ribbon into them or a Christmas ornament hook.

**These also make a cute suncatcher when placed or hung in a window** they are thin enough the sun comes through them and shines on the colors.