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How To Maintain Your Mower | Information

How To Maintain Your Mower

There’s more to mowing your lawn than just firing up the mower and cutting the grass

As any mechanically inclined person knows, an engine, such as a mower engine needs monthly maintenance.

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These monthly duties include checking the oil and refilling when needed, removing any and all debris from underneath the mower deck(remember to do this while the gas tank is empty), check all the cables to ensure they are secure and check the tires and blades to make sure they are tight.

When you are doing the regular monthly maintenance make sure that you take your time and do it correctly

Safety is an issue, be sure to have thick leather work gloves. Also making sure that you have the proper tools for the task at hand is a good idea, you should be able to do this job with a regular ½ wrench or socket and a pair of pliers.

These will come in handy in tightening any loose bolts and to properly adjust your cables. You will need some engine oil to top off your oil tank, like any combustion engine, you need oil to make sure your engine does not lock up on you. You can also use the oil for lubricating the wheels and the blades. If you want to get a good even cut, you can remove your blades and sharpen them using a file. If you go this route, be sure to wear gloves to prevent getting cut, even a dull blade can leave a nasty cut. The mower is now ready to cut the grass and tame your wild lawn.

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Heavy Metal Switch Grass

6 Pack - Heavy Metal Switch Grass Plugs

Heavy metal switchgrass Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal' Heavy Metal Switch Grass is an ornamental grass known for its striking appearance and adaptability to various landscaping settings. This native North American grass cultivar is prized for its unique blue-grey foliage and upright growth habit, making it a desirable choice for adding texture, color, and movement to gardens and landscapes. When properly planted and cared for, this grass can thrive and contribute numerous attributes to your landscaping design. Heavy Metal Switchgrass is a hardy perennial grass One of the primary attributes of this plant is its stunning appearance. The steely-blue foliage contrasts traditional green plants dramatically, creating an eye-catching focal point in gardens and borders. The upright, clumping habit of this grass adds an architectural element to landscapes, and when the breeze blows, the graceful foliage sways gently, infusing a sense of motion and life into the scenery. Beyond its visual appeal, this grass offers excellent versatility. It is moderately drought-tolerant once established in various soil types, including clay and sandy soils. This adaptability allows landscapers to incorporate the grass into a wide range of environments, from formal gardens to naturalized landscapes and even rain gardens, where it aids in soil erosion control. Another essential attribute of this grass is its low maintenance requirements. Once the grass is established, it is relatively easy to care for. It is resistant to pests and diseases, making it a complex addition to your landscaping design. Moreover, it is a perennial grass, meaning it returns year after year, reducing the need for replanting and minimizing maintenance efforts. In addition to its aesthetic and low-maintenance attributes, it provides several ecological benefits to your landscaping. As a native grass, it supports local wildlife, including birds and insects that use it for food, shelter, and nesting sites. The deep root system of switchgrass also improves soil structure and promotes water infiltration, reducing runoff and erosion. Additionally, this grass plays a part in carbon sequestration and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change. In landscaping, this plant can be used in various ways. It works exceptionally well as a standalone specimen plant, accentuating its unique color and form. It also creates a compelling backdrop for perennial flower beds, providing contrast and highlighting the blooms of nearby plants. When mass-planted, it can create waves of blue-grey foliage that undulate through the landscape, adding a sense of movement and unity. In conclusion, this plant is attractive, versatile, and low-maintenance, bringing numerous attributes to landscaping. From its striking appearance and adaptability to ecological benefits and ease of care, this ornamental grass cultivar has much to offer. Whether used as a focal point, a supporting element, or a mass planting, this grass will surely enhance any landscape design's beauty and functionality. Consider incorporating this stunning grass into your landscape to enjoy its unique attributes and the enchanting ambiance it brings to your outdoor space. Heavy Metal Switchgrass For Sale - TN Nursery Heavy Metal Switch Grass, scientifically known as Panicum virgatum, is a stunning ornamental grass renowned for its striking appearance and resilience. This remarkable perennial grass is prized by gardeners and landscape enthusiasts for its captivating visual appeal and adaptability to various environmental conditions. Standing proudly at a mature height of 3 to 5 feet, it forms an upright, clump-forming structure that commands attention in any landscape. Its narrow, steel-blue leaves are the hallmark of this cultivar, resembling the gleaming blades of a finely crafted sword. These elegantly arching foliage blades sway gracefully in the wind, creating a mesmerizing, almost ethereal effect that adds dynamic movement to the garden. As summer arrives, the grass undergoes a remarkable transformation. In June, it produces delicate, airy panicles of flowers that rise above the foliage, displaying a mesmerizing combination of reddish-purple and golden hues. These feathery inflorescences gently rustle with the breeze, creating an enchanting and softscape reminiscent of delicate fireworks that persists well into the fall. Heavy Metal Switch Grass Is Adapt To Various Soil Types It makes the grass even more appealing due to its adaptability to different soil varieties, including sandy, loamy, and clay soils, making it a versatile choice for different garden settings. It thrives in full sun, exhibiting its best color and form under these conditions, but it can also tolerate partial shade with graceful resilience. This ornamental grass is celebrated for its low maintenance requirements. Once established, it is drought-tolerant and highly resistant to disease and pests. Its deep roots help stabilize the soil, making it a valuable addition to erosion control efforts. It is a visual masterpiece and a haven for wildlife. Its feathery seed heads provide a vital food source for birds during winter, attracting various avian visitors to your garden. In summary, Heavy Metal Switch Grass is a captivating and hardy ornamental grass that brings elegance, movement, and year-round interest to gardens and landscapes. Its striking steel-blue foliage, mesmerizing flowering panicles, adaptability, and wildlife-friendly features stand as a testament to the beauty and resilience of nature. Incorporating Heavy Metal Switch Grass into your outdoor space will undoubtedly elevate its aesthetics and offer a touch of enchantment for years to come.

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