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Healthy Plants For Your Garden | TN Nursery


Friday, August 26

Everyone wants to have a garden with good and healthy plants.

Before purchasing a new plant, you would like to know if the plant is healthy or not. The best way to do so is by taking a good look at it.

If you see that the plant you want to purchase has something abnormal near the roots or if its leaves are worn out, it is a sign that the plant may not be healthy. In such a case, you may want to consult the gardener or the shopkeeper.

Also, if you can choose from a plant with blooming flowers and a plant with little buds, it would be advisable to go for the one with little buds instead of blooms because plants develop their roots better. If they develop their roots, they have less of blooms than buds.

However, if you do not have too many options, then you may consider the ones with flowers and cut them off once planted, and they would develop their roots in a couple of weeks. Apart from the flowers, you can also choose healthy plants by looking at their roots. The roots that hold the soil together should be white in color instead of brown or soft. White Roots are the ones that are healthier than others.

Once you are sure about the roots, you would like to see if the branches are strong with thick and rich leaves, which is a sure sign of a healthy plant. Please do not go for plants with torn leaves or flat and withered leaves because they will die fast or catch diseases as they are not healthy enough. So, next time you plan on buying some new plants, consider all these factors to choose a healthy plant that would sustain and thrive well.

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Blood Root

Bloodroot Plant

Bloodroot has spring blossoms, attract pollinators, low maintenance requirements, and historical significance make the bloodroot plant a natural beauty to gardens and landscapes. It is a stunning native perennial plant that offers several benefits when incorporated into landscaping. Its unique characteristics and ecological value make it an attractive addition to gardens and natural areas. Bloodroot Plants Are a Beautiful Shade Perennial One of its main benefits is its aesthetic appeal. The plant features attractive lobed leaves and elegant, pure white flowers with a golden-yellow center, which bloom in early spring. This early flowering adds a burst of color to the landscape after winter, making it a welcome sight for homeowners and wildlife alike. Beyond its visual charm, it is also known for its ecological benefits. It is contributing to the overall biodiversity of the garden. As a native species, it is essential to support local ecosystems and provide a food source for native wildlife and insects. Bloodroot is relatively low maintenance, making it suitable for landscaping projects. Once established, it can thrive in shaded areas, making it an ideal addition to woodland gardens or naturalized landscapes. Additionally, it has a spreading habit, forming attractive clumps over time, enhancing the visual impact. The blooming age of the plant usually occurs in late July to early August. That is when the plant grows an orange zap just under the ground, and the leaves are at their full size. The mature height of the plant is 7.9 – 20 inches tall. They reach their full height more towards the end of summer. The mid-range would be 10 inches. This makes an excellent indoor plant as well.   In summary, bloodroot is a visually captivating and ecologically beneficial plant, offering a range of advantages for landscaping projects.  By incorporating it into our outdoor spaces, we create stunning visuals that contribute to the preservation of native plant species and support local ecosystems. Order your bloodroot at TN Nursery.

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