English Ivy Plant: A Superb Climber

English Ivy Plants

Hardy Planting Zone- USDA zone 4 through 9

Bloom Season – September through October

Bloom Color – Greenish White or greenish-yellow

Height at Maturity – Typically 20 to 30 feet

Soil Type Preferred- Well-drained rich loams with a neutral to alkaline soil ph.

Sun or Shade – Partial or complete shade

Plant Description

Controlling English Ivy in Urban Landscapes | NC State Extension  Publications

English Ivy, also known as Hedera Helix, is a fast-growing climbing vine.

The woody evergreen perennial typically grows about 6 to 9 inches tall but can reach 100 inches over time. It features deep green leaves measuring up to six inches. The climbing vine has root-like structures that produce glue-like substances that help it adhere to surfaces such as tree barks.

New plants proliferate from stem fragments and cutting that make contact with soil. Dark green 3 to 5 lobed leaves shoot from non-flowering stems. The plant is adventitious roots during the juvenile stage and produces leaves and flowers in vertical growth. English Ivy is vegetative in flat growth-producing juvenile leaves. It uses aerial rootlets to climb and spread.

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Hedera Helix is a suitable ground cover. It grows best in partial as well as complete shade. That makes it ideal for planting under trees where grass can't grow. It also has dense growth, effective for crowding weed in your grade. It is common in forests and steep slopes. It becomes shrubby during the adult stage and produces greenish-white flowers and blue blackberries during fall.

Green Ivy prefers loam soil with excellent drainage. Overly wet soil will not support optimum growth as required. The leaves will maintain a dark green with inconsistent temperatures, typically between 45 and 80 degrees. It will not grow well in high summer heat or cold winter wind. This shade-loving and evergreen plant best grows in fertile soils. Most homeowners endear it due to its low maintenance and hardy qualities, which are ideal for ground cover and fences.

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15 Ground Cover Favorites

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English Ivy - TN Nursery

English Ivy

English Ivy is a low-growing ground cover plant; it has glossy, heart-shaped leaves and produces small, inconspicuous brownish-purple flowers nestled among its dense, carpet-like foliage. It is a fantastic and versatile plant with several landscaping benefits. This evergreen vine is native to Europe and Western Asia and is widely embraced for its aesthetic appeal, adaptability, and practical applications. English Ivy is a woody evergreen perennial vine and foliage plant proliferating on vertical surfaces like trees, walls, fences, and trellises. The ancient Greeks believed the plant was sacred to the god Dionysus, and pagan druids revered it as a symbol of the divine feminine. In classical Latin, “hedera” refers to the ability to grasp, which is in keeping with the vine’s nature. English Ivy Loves Shade Native to Europe, Scandinavia, and parts of Russia, the Hedera helix is nearly ubiquitous in Britain and is naturalized and prolific in many regions of the United States. In the wild, the plant grows under, on trees, and up the sides of rocky cliffs, favoring moist, shady areas out of the sun. Mature Hedera helix vines typically grow up to 80 feet tall and span a three- to five-foot width. Their climbing stems bear young, five-lobed leaves, while their fertile stems bear adult, spade-shaped leaves. These deep-green leaves can vary in size between two and four inches long. The top of the plant will often develop clusters of small, greenish-yellow flowers that bloom from late summer until late autumn. These nectar-rich blossoms will eventually yield a crop of small purple-black to orange-yellow berries that persist into winter. English Ivy Kills Weeds Its bright green foliage can add all-season color to any landscape and beautify forlorn spaces. Its vines can be trained to climb many stable vertical surfaces or grown as a ground cover to suppress weeds. Since Hedera helix proliferates, it can make a good screen on a fence or trellis. When carefully grown on exterior building walls, it can protect their surfaces from exposure to bad weather and help regulate the temperature. Within the United States, Hedera helix can provide food and habitat for wildlife. Butterflies and moths eat their leaves, bees feed on their flowers’ nectar, and birds eat their berries in winter. The foliage often shelters insects and small animals and sometimes attracts nearby deer. English Ivy Is An Evergreen Hedera helix is a beautiful evergreen vine with a rich history. When you plant it in your garden, you can enjoy its charming English ivy character all year.

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