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This year, use our wholesale flowers to beautify an eco-friendly "upcycled" flower garden. 

Re-use junk items such as tires, old wooden barrels, cans, containers, wheelbarrows, or boxes. There are lots of great ideas if you check online Pinterest boards. Create an element of surprise in an old bucket, sink, or bathtub. Plant some daisies in an old boot. The possibilities are endless. Iris Versicolor

Flowers are lovely centerpieces and can also be used near swampy areas or insight where you need to plant a lovely perennial without spending a lot of money. 

Vines like Virginia Creeper and Halls Honeysuckle are perfect to plant in old tires.

Source of Wholesale Flowers for Upcycled Gardens


Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper

This vining favorite is known for its striking five-lobed leaves and ability to climb and cover walls and structures, turning vibrant shades of red in the fall. It is a versatile and attractive plant with numerous benefits when incorporated into landscaping projects. It has become famous for enhancing outdoor spaces with its vibrant Virginia Creeper is renowned for its vibrant green leaves that turn into a brilliant red hue during fall, adding color to any garden or yard. This color transformation can create a visually captivating display, making it an excellent choice for adding aesthetic value to landscapes. Furthermore, it is a fast-growing vine, which can be advantageous for creating natural screens or privacy barriers. It can quickly form a dense cover when trained to climb trellises, fences, or walls, providing an effective shield against prying eyes or unsightly views. This growth pattern also makes it an appealing option for adding vertical interest to otherwise plain surfaces. Another benefit is its adaptability to various soil types and light conditions. Its ability to tolerate various soil conditions makes it suitable for multiple environments, from urban gardens to more rural settings. It also offers ecological advantages. Its dense growth can provide bird shelter and nesting sites, contributing to local wildlife habitats. As it spreads, it can cover the ground, helping to suppress weed growth and reduce erosion. This can simplify maintenance efforts and promote soil health. In conclusion, the Virginia creeper is a valuable addition to landscaping projects due to its striking appearance, rapid growth, adaptability, and ecological benefits. Its vibrant foliage adds a touch of beauty to outdoor spaces, while its growth pattern can serve functional purposes such as creating screens or privacy barriers. Its adaptability to various conditions makes it a versatile choice for different landscapes. Whether used to enhance aesthetics or provide practical solutions, it remains a popular and beneficial plant in landscaping.  Order your Virginia Creeper at TN Nursery today!

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