5 Benefits Of Buying Shrubs Locally

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1. Privets

2. Forsythia

3. Burning bush

4. Pee gee Hydrangea

5. Arrowwood viburnums

The Benefits Of Buying Shrubs Wholesale

Whether a property manager or a business, adding flowers, bare root shrubs, or any other gardening accessory isn't cheap. Those who want to keep their costs low and still have beautiful landscaping often turn to wholesale shrubs, business to wholesale business plants, and flock to companies that provide grower prices.

With prices discounted around 80% off retail, you can save money and create a beautiful garden on your property or provide bare-root shrubs and wholesale shrubs to your clients if you own a landscaping business or a wholesale nursery.

Reduce Overhead Costs

By going directly to the business-to-business companies to get grower prices and 80% off retail, you can reduce your overhead costs, save money, and provide a stunning landscape for your clients or your business. Grower direct provides highly sought-after shrubs, flowers, and more.

Create Beauty

One of the main goals for landscaping companies and businesses is to create beauty with their landscape. Grower Direct allows you to create stunning landscaping at a fraction of the cost to achieve significant and breathtaking creations for all your clients. With the highest quality shrubs, flowers, and foliage, we ensure that both you and your client will be happy with the outcome.

Keep Loyal Customers

Let's face it, we all love a good deal. You can keep your overhead low by providing low-cost products and charging your customers a little less than the competition. That helps keep your loyal customers, and they will be sure to tell their friends, families, and neighbors about a great deal they got on their landscaping.

If you are looking for wholesale shrubs, bare root shrubs, or any other type of landscaping plants, consider us at Grower Direct. Providing competitive prices and low rates for all your landscaping needs, we are the go-to business for shrubs, trees, flowers, and more.

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Forsythia - TN Nursery


Forsythia has vibrant yellow, bell-shaped flowers that bloom profusely in early spring before their green leaves emerge, creating a striking burst of color in gardens and landscapes. It is a deciduous shrub widely appreciated for its abundant and vibrant yellow flowers that herald the arrival of spring. It offers numerous landscaping benefits, making it a popular choice for gardens and outdoor spaces. One of the primary advantages of incorporating it into landscaping is its early-blooming nature.  The Golden Color Forsythia Forsythia is unparalleled in filling yards with a profusion of golden colors. Their early-season blossoming is so abundant that it covers landscapes in a kaleidoscope of yellow hues, signaling the arrival of spring. Pollinators that emerge during the first signs of spring rely on the nectar produced by these blooms. Seeing these colorful, bell-shaped blossoms arranged so closely together along the stems is breathtaking. They can reach eight to ten feet in height and ten to 12 feet in width. Their bark is rough and gray-brown. They can be erect, rounded, mounded, or arching. Their branches can be straight or curved. You can plant them as focal pieces or in mass groups. Yellow To Purple Foliage With The Forsythia In addition to their showy yellow blossoms, they alter their leaves with the seasons. The leaves transition from green to yellow to purple depending on the time of year. They stay primarily green during the summer and transition from yellow to deep purple hues throughout late autumn, right before falling to the ground. These plants go dormant in the winter. They, particularly the more significant types, are shrubs that proliferate, often reaching a height of two feet in only 12 months. Because they grow fast, they can quickly fill empty spaces in gardens and landscaping. Their fast growth also makes them work well as natural privacy screens. You can even grow them as hedges and borders for gardens and driveways. Their rapid growth also increases their resilience to environmental stresses. Design a Border With Forsythia In addition to their use as natural hedges and borders, forsythias provide a great deal of creative flexibility in design. Planting them side by side along a garden path will cause them to grow inward, creating a natural archway. Some people use them to create focal points. Others use them to help with soil stabilization on sloped banks because of their deep, complex root systems that retain topsoil.

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