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10 Trees Bring Fondest Memories to your family

After choosing what trees they want to be on their property and allowing them to reach maturity, many people give them much thought.

Sure one might notice how the snow is laying on the limbs of your Eastern Red Cedar or the excellent color that can be added to your landscape in the spring when your Purple Crepe Myrtle is in full bloom.

Have you ever thought about the roles trees in your yard play in the life of your child and your family?

Sourwood trees are for sale here.

So many people's childhood memories are full of events centered around the trees located on their property. My fondest memories are playing in the woods behind my house and using them for the ultimate jungle gym. Then I collected leaves for a school project with my grandfather, and he told me which blade. I remember picking cherries with my grandmother fondly before the birds ate them all. Or the disappointment that ran through the entire family when a winter ice storm damaged the tree to the point of having to be cut down.

That is the case for many other people, and we must continue this tradition. We already know that many children spend their time playing video games and inside play. It is high time we get them back outside and enjoy the nature surrounding them. If one has a large tree-like a Chestnut Oak or a Poplar Tree, and you are handy, a treehouse is the ultimate fort and hiding spot for children of all ages. Even if one is not handy, plenty of businesses nowadays will come and complete your treehouse project from start to finish. Even small gestures like an old timely tire swing hanging from the branches of your Silver Maple tree or allowing your children to jump and play in the piles of autumn leaves can leave lasting impressions on your child's mind.

There are many other ideas and ways to use trees and other elements of nature and make them a part of your family's memories, but even doing simple things can add to significant memories.

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Muskogee Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Muskogee Crepe Myrtle

Muskogee Crepe Myrtle is a striking deciduous shrub or small tree with vibrant lavender-pink flowers and smooth, cinnamon-colored bark, adding a burst of color and elegance to gardens and landscapes. A popular ornamental tree that offers many benefits when incorporated into landscaping designs. With its stunning visual appeal, adaptability, and ease of maintenance, it has become a favored choice for many landscapers and homeowners alike. Discover the Stunning Muskogee Crepe Myrtle The Muskogee Crepe Myrtle is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to add interest, texture, and color to their landscape. Each tree consists of smooth, brown stems that fan out into a vase shape. The branches contain even rows of oval leaves that are a beautiful deep green shade. These attractive colors and textures become even more exciting when this tree blooms with lavender flowers. Its vibrant look is sure to draw the eye wherever you plant this beautiful tree. The Beautiful Flowers and Berries At TN Nursery Starting in spring, these trees begin to produce cone-shaped bunches of flowers. Each flower cluster consists of several small, individual, pinkish-purple petals with a crinkled appearance similar to tissue paper. After going through their flowering season, these trees produce clumps of berries that add even more visual interest to the tree. Clumps of small, round berries on the end of each branch gradually transform from shiny, green berries to brown, serrated seed pods. The flowering and berry-producing seasons of this tree can last for several months because it tends to produce new flowers on a regular basis. Explore the Many Ways to Garden With The Shrub These trees have endless purposes throughout the landscape. A tidy row of them can be a lovely way to border a walkway or fill in narrow strips of land. Standalone versions can be a focal point on a lawn and look great, bordered with other flowers or decorative grasses. You can even use clusters of these trees to create a hedge that provides privacy and shade. The Versatile and Appealing Shape of The Shrub It comes in many shapes and sizes. Some landscapers choose to keep it as a compact bush, while others let it soar to a height of 30 feet or more. Those who prefer a classic tree shape can choose a single-trunk variant, while people who like a denser look can select a multi-stem style. Whatever height and branch arrangement it has, this tree's crown tends to spread out into a horizontal, oval shape with densely packed leaves and branches.

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Sourwood Tree - TN Nursery

Sourwood Tree

The Sourwood Tree is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree native to the southeastern United States. It is notable for its long panicles of fragrant, white, urn-shaped flowers and vibrant red fall foliage. Among garden trees, the Sourwood Tree fits the bill. It grows to be around 25 feet tall, and its branches generally spread up to 10 feet. It will become a stalwart focal point in any garden. These plants are stately enough to please the eye yet small enough not to overpower any perennials that are planted around them. Another name for this plant is the sorrel. Sourwood Tree Has Beautiful Blooms They say, "Good things come to those who wait." That is true of this plant. Beginning with its fifth season after being planted, it will sprout gorgeous white flowers throughout June and July every year. These flowers are bell-shaped and grow on panicles in a flowing, attractive fashion that has led them to be called "angel fingers." The flowers are sweet-smelling, as well, and they produce so much nectar during their blooming that it fairly drips from the branches at the slightest shake. The Leaves of Are Rich and Colorful During the fall, the leaves will turn all sorts of brilliant colors, notably red and deep purple. The bark is reddish brown and is attractively furrowed, matching the hues of the changing leaves. The leaves are pleasantly aromatic, reminiscent of the smell of the honey produced from the tree's nectar. The wonderful aroma is balanced between astringency, which gives the plant its name, and the sweetness of anise. The leaves are oblong and finely tapered, and the surface is glossy enough to reflect sunlight attractively. TN Nursery Offers This Stunning Tree So Much More After the blooms fade at the beginning of August, pretty silvery capsules form along the branches. The color of these capsules meshes nicely with the changing leaves and the furrowed bark all the way into winter. Because the sorrel is a slow-growing plant, its wood and bark are strong and sturdy, providing a beautiful sight in all four seasons. The Ecological Niche of It Pollinators, especially bees, love the flowers, the sweet-and-sour nectar which produces the world's greatest honey. Birds will also fly among the branches for a snack as autumn turns to winter. As the sorrel is largely unaffected by pests or disease, it will likely remain a fine focal point in any garden for many years.

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