Tn Nursery On Forbes - Plants are Still Trending By Tammy Sons

Tn Nursery On Forbes - Plants are Still Trending By Tammy Sons

Posted by Forbes on Jan 26, 2022

Tn Nursery in Altamont, Tennessee, Tammy Sons, CEO of Tn Nursery, states that plants are still trending. Tammy states, "Fall is the prime planting season." People don't realize how effective planting is in October and November.

"When you plant your plants in the Fall, they are going dormant, and this is a perfect time to allow your plants to go through their standard and normal transplanting shock for a few months before they must green out with foliage and blooms for those types of plants that bloom", Tammy states.
Fall may not be the perfect time to think about gorgeous blooms and all the lovely green decor adorning your lawn, but it's sure a great time to plant the things that will make your lawn come alive with beauty and color in spring.
Tn Nursery sells plants year-round and ships in dormant season trees, shrubs, evergreen conifers, and berry bushes. They only sell bare-root plants and they are as safe as containerized when shipped and planted in the dormant season.

Perennials, ferns, groundcovers, live stakes, and mosses can be shipped year-round. We have an adequate-sized cooler at our warehouse and we pre-dig a lot of items in early spring to ship from year-round. Trees and larger items we do not pre dig to ship through the summer because we do not have the space for larger items
Dormancy simply means "the sap has left the trunk and branches and traveled down to the root system". When dormancy enters, this means the foliage and greenery drops from the trees and die off until spring. "Plants get to take a break and rest and this makes them perform well when dormancy ends and they have to start back growing", Tammy states.

Tammy also said "why would anyone want to pay for soil and a heavy container when they trash the container and they have soil in their yard already?" That's why she ships bare root plants. They are not only 67% more cost-efficient than containerized plants, they ship for a lot less also than containerized plants as well.

If you are looking for high quality affordable bare-root plants, Tn Nursery ships to all states and offers the most competitive prices in the industry.