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Information about Black Cohosh and Menopause

Black cohosh is an herb that is used as a supplement because it is a phytoestrogen and works on the hormonal regulatory mechanisms in a woman’s body.

It is particularly well known for being a menopause treatment alternative that is entirely natural.


Menopause is the time when a woman ceases to get her monthly menstrual periods. It is associated with a variety of hormonal changes, notably the reduction of estrogen in a woman’s body. There are a variety of symptoms of menopause which might be uncomfortable for women. These include:

Excessive sweating

Hot flashes



Change in sleep patterns

General irritability

Ringing in the ears

Palpitation of the heart and more.

Studies show that using black cohosh preparations such as commercially available extracts and capsules can alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms to a large extent.

Black cohosh has vasomotor effects and increases blood flow to all parts of the body. Problems like hot flashes that are experienced during menopause have vasomotor basics. Hot flashes result in a sudden increase in temperature all over the body, excessive sweating, and facial flushes. The use of black cohosh has been known to reduce the intensity of hot flashes, making them almost negligible.

A 2007 Israeli study published in ‘Gynecological Endocrinology’ stated that 69 percent of menopausal women suffering from night sweats found relief after ingesting black cohosh. They also noted an improvement in their sleep patterns and overall quality of sleep.

Mood swings, general irritability, and mood disturbances are common symptoms of menopause. A German study published in ‘Maturitas’ found that black cohosh was instrumental in alleviating these mood disturbances.

Black cohosh might also have positive benefits against osteoporosis or loss of bone density.

It is an herbal supplement that promotes improved and robust health in menopausal women.

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