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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Friday, April 8

Big bluestem has become a popular plant in recent years for a variety of reasons.

The grass is quite hardy and acts as a good source of hay due to its high level of nutrients.

It has been used extensively in prairie restoration projects due to this reason. Most importantly, the grass is becoming increasingly adopted for its ornamental value in grass gardens due to its imposing height.

You can obtain this plant from any competent wholesale plant nursery online.

It is important to understand before buying this plant that, unlike many other grass plants, it does not grow and establish very fast. It takes about a period two years to create a substantive presence for itself. Therefore, if you wish to establish this plant in your landscape, you have to make sure it remains free of weeds, free of competition, and without shading so that it grows strong roots and enables itself to make its presence known.

Big bluestem is commonly known as a warm season bunch grass. While most other grass plants do not prefer direct sun or severe heat during the summer season and tend to become dormant, this one requires heat and grows remarkably well in sunny and warm areas. During the hot months of June to August, as the temperature rises, this plant experiences major growth spurts. It is called a bunch grass because of its tendency to grow in clumps and not as rhizomes that form a mat.

This grass plant typically starts flowering towards the end of summer season. It usually grows up to eight feet high at maturity. The purple bronze colored flowers are shaped like a turkey’s foot, which gives it the popular nickname of turkey foot. The foliage of big bluestem turns a beautiful reddish bronze color in fall, which provides it an ornamental appearance for your perennial garden. Contact a fabulous online plant nursery to buy this grass plant for your landscapes.

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