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Shrubs For Ohio

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Shrubs For Ohio include some of the most popular varieties available to Purchase from Tn Nursery

These specific shrubs do very well in your state of Ohio, which is being one of our most popular countries. We are always looking to broaden the options that we can offer to Ohio as an essential state to our business. We have a vast variety of different plants available, 57 to be exact. Please take the time at the point of checkout to stop and leave us your input in the form of a comment in the section given so that we can better our company and offer a more broad selection to your state and many others.

Shrubs Are The Perfect Border Enhancements

Why shrubs, you ask? Why not, we say! Shrubs are a beautiful addition to any yard, garden, or side-of-the-path. With dwarf, mid-size, and full-height sizes, they are incredibly versatile and work for a multitude of spaces. They offer structure, color, and serve as refuge for some of our favorite wild critters. There are also shrubs for all levels of sun and expertise of gardens. 

Shrubs for Ohio grow well in areas where planting is hard

For extremely sunny areas, the Siberian Peashrub works nicely. It is a tough, deciduous shrub that grows wonderfully in locations where planting is difficult, and its beautiful yellow blooms are lovely. The Shrub Rose is another shrub that does well in high sun areas. It gives the beautiful appearance of roses but is actually much easier to grow. 

For partially sunny areas, the Elder Shrub is an easy favorite. It is a wonderful, branching shrub whose blooms give way to rich black berries. Its foliage comes in several beautiful, brilliant colors. The Sky Pencil Holly Shrub is also a nice shrub for partially sunny areas. Because it grows tall but slim, it is the perfect shrub for different types of areas. Need to accent a flowerbed? Keep it trimmed to two or three tall. Need to frame an entry way? Let it grow to six feet. Naturally, they reach about ten feet in height. 

So what about people who live in areas with little to no sun at all? Are they shrub out of luck? Not at all! The Rhododendron Shrub, which can grow from three to twenty feet, does well in shady areas. They are easy to grow and have gorgeous clusters of multi-colored blooms to please the eye. Another gorgeous shrub for the shadier gardens is the Yew Shrub, an amazingly stout shrub that can reach heights of twenty feet or more! They are long-lived and hard to kill. Fun plant fact: It is believed that the mythical “World Tree” Yggdrasil of Norse Mythology was a Yew Shrub. 

One of the best things about shrubs, however, is that most of them are low maintenance and hard to kill. Once you put them in the ground, most need little care aside from watering and shaping them – only if you choose to do so. Shrubs are the perfect choice for gardeners with all levels of gardening experience, including those of us who have NO gardening experience, and they are beautiful anywhere you choose to plant them.

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