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Seedlings for Zone 5 come in a Variety and have a Multitude of Benefits for your Landscaping Needs

Uses for the hazel alder Seedlings For Zone 5
There are several things that people can use the hazel alder seedlings for. The first use is as a cure for a person's inflammation. This is because it contains an anti-inflammatory agent known as salicin. This is going to help to metabolize some of the salicylic acids inside of a person's body. The second use is for the bark of the plant. Some Native Americans will use it to treat insect bites, irritations on the skin, and poison oak. This is because it contains betulin and lupeol. Therefore, it can also be used to treat tumors, tuberculosis, and a variety of different lymphatic disorders.

The second use to cook or smoke a variety of different foods because of the wood in the tree has a unique flavor. Some of these foods might include salmon, other types of seafood, and coffee. The third use to make electric guitars. The company Fender Musical Instruments Corporation owns the guitars. They have been using the plant to build their guitars since 1950. It makes the guitar strings tighter so that it will have a more balanced tone. The last use of different types of furniture like cabinets, tables, and anything else that could be made of wood because the alder wood is very durable.

Water Oak Seedlings
The water oak seedlings are botanically named Quercus nigra though it may be referred to more commonly as spotted oak or possum oak. The tree is easy to care for with little maintenance, and it is a tree that likes full sun or partially shaded areas. This tree can handle intense, and it is a tree with sturdy branches and a tall, slender trunk with rough bark that is a gray color. The foliage is a shiny green in the warm months and will turn yellow, orange or red in the fall creating a scenic view before they fall from the branches. The water oak seedlings are a tree that grows nuts that are about 1/2 inch with a thin cap attached, and the shell of the nut is a shiny brown that with age dulls with a white or gray coating. These are more commonly called acorns and attract birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and wildlife as fall and winter food. The nuts when the left will create new seedlings in nearby locations. This tree is often used in landscaping since it is a fast growing deciduous tree that attracts birds and wildlife. It is a tree that creates a significant amount of shade during the warm weather making it a perfect shade tree for yards as drive or walkway borders and public parks.

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