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Plants for Pennsylvania is an accurate list of plants to grow there

If you're wondering what plants grow best in Pennsylvania, you've come to the right place. Every plant on this page is not only rated to rise in Pennsylvania, but individuals are also adapted to Pennsylvania's climate.

How to grow plants in Pennsylvania
If your garden is located in Pennsylvania, you'll be gardening in one of the zones between zone 5a and 7b. You'll likely experience hot, humid summers (unless you're in the mountains in which case it'll be more relaxed but still damp) and more rain than the US average.

Plants for Pennsylvania need plenty of water to thrive

Given all of this, here are a few tips for successfully growing plants in Pennsylvania:

When you need to water your plants, either uses a drip irrigation system or hand water them so you can focus the water on your plant's roots. This will help prevent fungal infections, and if a plant does become infected with a pathogenic fungus, it will help limit water splashes that can spread mushrooms.
Plant lots of ground cover to prevent erosion when it rains. Similarly, your garden will benefit from lots of plants with more extensive root systems that will bind your soil together — trees and shrubs are suitable for this.
Take advantage of the higher rainfall and choose moisture-loving plants like wetland plants, ferns, and moss.
Take advantage of living in a zone that suits a vast range of plant species and grows a wide variety of plants.

Plants for Pennsylvania include shrubs, trees, perennials, and grasses

Pro tip:
Because Pennsylvania is generally relatively humid, be sure to keep airflow in mind when you're planning your garden otherwise you may find yourself battling with a variety of pathogenic plant fungi. By interplanting lots of ground covers and smaller plants among your larger shrubs and trees, you can ensure all your plants receive a good airflow and thus will be less likely to suffer from black spot, mildew, and other fungal infections.

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