Moss For Zone 4


This type of moss is light green but looks silver in the sun. The plant grows in a round mass of clumps. The moss can be found in moist environments such as woods, marshes, and streams. This type of moss is like other mosses and absorbs water which keeps it looking new and fresh. IF water supply is cut off the moss will not do as well and turn white.
The moss can be used for many different outsides and inside needs. The sharp green moss will look good in a rock garden, and along creeks. You can use it indoors for many decorating ideas, and to brighten up a terrarium. This gorgeous plant needs little attention and lasts a long time. The soft texture is appealing to the touch, and the bright green color lasts all year around.
Moss Covered Rocks are a standard feature in aquariums, terrariums and along ponds and rivers. The moss will continue to grow outwards once it is placed on the rock and will completely cover it within a short amount of time. If uncovered stones are situated nearby, it will also grow to include them as well. Moss Covered Rocks require little management because it does well in the shade and only has a minimal root system. This also means that it receives its water requirements entirely from precipitation. Depending on the type of moss used the color of the small, soft leaves can be light to dark green. There are very few animals that eat moss or are attracted to it so it will most likely never be disturbed. This plant does not bear any fruit or have any colorful flowers.