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Berry Package Deals

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Purchase Berry Package Deals, an ideal way to Save Money on berry plants, from Tn Nursery

Growing your own berries is a great way to save money because it's so much cheaper than buying berries from the grocery store or farmer’s market. And, like tomatoes, growing your own berry plants is the best way to ensure you get really tasty, fragrant berries that melt in your mouth. Now, all our berries are available at everyday low grower prices but if you want to grab a real bargain, then check out our awesome berry package deals.

Berry Package Deals help you find the right berry plant for your zone

If you love berries and want a super special price on quality, mature berry plants, then look no further than our berry plants grab bag. You get five, 2-3 foot tall berry plants that are not only rated as suitable for your USDA hardiness zone but also adapted to your area’s climate.

Yes, you read that right. All our berries are propagated from plants that have adapted to each specific USDA hardiness zone over successive generations. So, when you place your order, we'll go out into the field and select individual berry plants that are adapted to your climate conditions. That way, you can be confident that your new berry plants can not only copy with your climate but truly thrive in it.

Berry Package Deals are a sure way of getting cheaper plants when buying in bulk

Pro tip:

Berries like a bit of water. You can mulch your new berry plants to conserve moisture or you can grow even more berries by underplanting your berry plants with wild strawberry plants. Just make sure you plan some walkways between your plants so you can harvest your tasty berries without crushing your strawberries.

So if you want to grab an epic deal on berry bushes that perfectly suit your zone, our berry packages are jam-packed with berry plants that will produce punnets and punnets full of delicious, fragrant berries.

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