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Advantages Of Planting Berry Plants

Benefit from mouthwatering, perfectly sun-ripened berries grown right outside your door. Brimming with health benefits, ornamental, and enjoyable to harvest, berry bushes are an increasingly popular choice for home gardeners. The raspberry, the blueberry, the blackberry, and strawberries rank among the best antioxidants available. Skip the overpriced store-bought berries and invest in growing your berry plants - it won’t just be your pocketbook and health thanking you, your taste buds will benefit as well. Since berries ripen on the vine, store-bought berries are often under-ripe or over-ripe, and the health benefits aren’t nearly as potent as when you grow them yourself. There’s a first burst of health, and homegrown flavor money can’t buy. You must build it yourself. So where to start?

A native plant that offers an abundant harvest, the blackberry is a beautiful introduction to the world of berry growing. Like all the other berries discussed in this article, the blackberry is an antioxidant, but it also is packed with vitamin C, is high in fiber, and is a brain booster.

The blueberry is another delicious berry you can grow yourself. If your region doesn’t offer the sort of acidity blueberries thrive on, it’s easy to adjust the soil by mixing in some granulated sulfur, peat moss, or even some pine needles. Blueberries pack a strong nutritional punch, and research has indicated that they can also reverse DNA damage which can help protect you from cancer and the adverse effects of aging.

The extended living raspberry is another mouthwatering favorite. Plant these berry bushes in a hedge and enjoy hunting through the waist-high berry plants for the juicy jewel-like raspberry or train them on a trellis and pick plump homegrown raspberries at your leisure. In addition to being delicious, raspberries can protect against cancer, heart, and circulatory disease.

Strawberries are one of the first and most cheerful indicators of spring. Enjoy growing these luscious berries yourself and harvesting them in the heady early days of the season. These tasty berries improve immune functioning, lower blood pressure, and even protect against arthritis and cancer!

Best of all, enjoy the peace of mind that growing your berry plants brings. Rest easy knowing exactly where and how the berries were grown. Happy harvesting!