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Berries for Texas is not the first place you think of for berries

However, berry plants can be grown in Texas to add variety to your garden.  

If you want to grow berries for Texas, first think plump blackberries. Blackberries are the most natural berry plants to grow in Texas in the home backyard garden. Blackberries can thrive in a variety of soils as long as drainage is good. Plan for about 1 to 2 quarts of blackberries per foot of blackberry row and plant your garden accordingly. Frequent watering is beneficial to the blackberry so make sure there is a water supply easily accessible. If the site of the tangled canes and thorns don't appeal to you, try training them to grow on the trellis which will also save space. Watch the berries go from flowers to red beans to the delicious juicy blackberries. 

Berries for Texas can usually be grown for several years

Nothing beats fresh strawberries in the spring but makes sure you plant them in the fall. Fruits can usually be grown for several years in some climates. However, berries work best in Texas if they are grown as an annual plant over the winters to eliminate the need to care for the plants over the harsher summers. 

Blueberries cannot be forgotten. One single rabbiteye blueberry plant can produce 15 pounds of berries per year! Take notice; blueberries will require a bit more care as they need an acidic soil which occurs more extensively in the East and Southeast Texas and localized in North, Central and South Texas. Blueberries will also require a water source close by with well-draining soil so a rain collecting system would be ideal for blueberries. The rabbiteye will bloom in the spring, with blueberries in late May to late June, and in the fall the leaves turn a crimson color to add color to your garden. 

Berries for Texas are available in 7 different varieties

Berries For Texas, As of right now we offer seven different types of berries to the state of Texas specifically, starting with our beautiful and tasty low bush blueberries and ending at our succulent dewberry plants as they are sweeter than blackberries. We did research and found only the best berries that we can offer to the state of Texas. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity we have to be able to provide these specific plants to your state, and we hope that you will take the chance to make a comment at the end of your purchase in the checkout and let us know what you love most about what we have to offer.

Berries For Texas