Beech Tree

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Beech Tree Description

Beech Tree

American Beech Tree: Fagus Grandifolia is a Lush Shade Tree. It is an important tree native to the eastern and southern parts of the United States, especially North Carolina. The feature that distinguishes these trees from others is their leaves. They have toothed edges with strong parallel veins that bulge from the surface of the trees. The scientific name for this unique and vital tree is Fagus grandifolia. It is a member of the deciduous trees family. This tree is a monoecious plant, i.e.; it contains both male flowers and female flowers. 

Although the tree remains exotic throughout the year, fall is when it shows its true beauty. At first, the foliage is a beautiful lush green color that soon changes into an exhilarating golden bronze hue before finally fading to tanning. The leaves of these trees often last till winter. The tree has a rounded-spreading crown with smooth bark. However, the mature trunk is 2-3 feet in diameter. 

The growth of this American beech tree is relatively slow because this isn't a tree that is used to provide shade and show fast growth

It is the kind of tree that our future generations will enjoy, and that's the beauty of it. The tree needs a larger area to bloom fully, and it prefers well-drained, moist, and acidic soil to grow in the best way possible. The tree can be slightly salt tolerant. It can bloom perfectly well in dry soil, but as it takes time to reveal its beauty, it is preferred that its shallow roots must be kept moist.

The tree grows in full sun as well as partial shade. The trees are not only disease-resistant but drought-resistant as well. They don't acquire any infections or pests that may harm the growth and health of the trees. 

The place where these trees grow the best is the moist mountain coves. They are often scattered with hickories and oaks in the well-drained, rich bottomland. In the mountains, this kind of tree is usually associated with yellow birch, sugar maples, and other forms of hardwoods. It is exciting to see a plant turn into a tree for future generations to enjoy.

It is an incredible legacy for you to leave for the upcoming youth. Buy this fantastic tree right now and plant the seed of beauty for your future generations.  

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Reviews (13)

  • 3
    Beech tree

    Posted by Phoebe Harris on Jan 23, 2022

    This is a good tree to accent in a very spacious lawn. I love seeing this is my farm house with my mini pond on the side.

  • 4
    2-3 foot trees

    Posted by Paul on Dec 20, 2020

    They arrived late (usps) but seemed none the worse for wear, we’re well packaged and hopefully this spring will begin their tree journey!

  • 4
    American beech

    Posted by Hollis warmoth on Apr 06, 2020

    I was pleased with my beech trees I received. As yet, they are still dormant so I am hoping they survived the transfer and grow.big and strong. I had 4 beech trees when I bought this house 30 years ago and hope to recover those trees again.

  • 5
    beech trees

    Posted by RICHARD SHEA on Mar 08, 2022

    25 beech trees arrived in great condition with healthy roots. I planted 24 hours after arriving . Optimistic .

  • 5
    Beech tree

    Posted by Julian Wessell on May 12, 2021

    I cannot give a review because, although ordered two weeks ago, I’ve never received it.

  • 5

    Posted by Lovely on Dec 09, 2020

    Absolute gorgeous tree.

  • 5
    American Beech Tree

    Posted by Venetta Kim on Aug 27, 2019

    Great friendly service. Nicely packaged and quick shipping. and all my trees where great

  • 5
    American Beech Tree

    Posted by Darla Rodgers on Aug 23, 2019

    These are just awesome.

  • 5
    American Beech Tree

    Posted by Beth Greach on Aug 22, 2019

    this tree looks great planted out back


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