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Sweet Gum

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Product Description


Sweet Gum Tree for Sale

This item only ships between October 15th and April 25th. If you place an order as late as April 25, rest assured that it will be shipped before we stop the shipping season on this item is halted for the year. However, any and all order placed after April 25 will be kept safe in our fields, held until it can be shipped on October 15 when our shipping schedule resumes. We ship other Perennials, Ferns, Mosses, Vines, Grasses, and Live Stakes all year

The Sweet Gum Tree is well reknowned for its beautiful fall foliage, which always displays a beautiful palette of colors ranging from pinks to purples to reds. Many individuals comment that this range of colors is very reminiscient of fireworks. But not only is this tree beautiful; its soft leaves also give of a pleasant, warm scent. The Sweet Gum is native to North America, with a vast range covering most of the Southeast, so there's no need to worry about it becoming an invasive species.


But buyers should take note that this is not the ideal tree for a small space. The Sweet Gum Tree can reach an impressive 70 feet tall, with a canopy spread which can easily grow to be 50 feet! So please, don't plant this tree too close to homes or buildings unless you are confident you can give it the annual pruning attention such a decision would require. That said, it can make a fabulous and long-lived shade tree in a large lawn: most Sweet Gum Trees can live as long as 400 years!


If you are interested in purchasing bulk orders of trees or seedlings to be planted as a wood crop, you could not find a better tree than the Sweet Gum. Though it may take more time to mature than pines, it is noted by the USDA Forestry service to be one of the most profitable wood crops in the Southeast. Sweet Gum trees, at maturity, can mill 40,000 board feet per acre for higher-end products than the also-common pine species, as the wood is often used for fine furniture and veneers.


Climate Zones: 5 to 9

Mature Height: 60 to 70 ft.

Mature Width: 40 to 50 ft.

Growth/Year: 1 to 2 ft.

Sunlight: Preferrs Full Sun.

Soil Conditions: Preferrs Acidic, Moist Soils.

Botanical Name:  Liquidambar Styraciflua


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