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Plants By Type


Sun Perennials

  • Buy Bearded Iris

    Bearded Iris $4.98

    Bearded Iris- Iris germanica       Buy the gorgeous Bearded Iris at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery!     The Bearded Iris is an unpredictable flowering plant. The plant’s blossoms...

  • daffodils

    Daffodil Flower $4.98

    Daffodil - Narcissus Daffodils are very easy to grow and will adapt to various conditions very well   The daffodil flower is a lovely one to use when eating vegan.  There are cakes and also other recipes...

  • red daylily

    Red Daylily $5.29

    Red Daylily- Hemerocallis Buy the gorgeous Red Daylily at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery!      Red Daylily is a diverse perennial plant that can be grown and celebrated around the world. This plant...

  • blazing star

    Blazing Star $5.79

    Blazing Star - Liatris spicata Buy the gorgeous Blazing Star at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery! Blazing Star has a lot of unique qualities.  This plant can be produced into an oil or ointment and used to treat...

  • dandelion plant

    Dandelion Plant $4.98

     Dandelion – Pyrrhopappus Carolinianus False Dandelion is a great perennial and will come back each year. The Dandelion plant can be used in several ways.  It can be used to create delicious salads with the...

  •  Goatsbeard Plant

    Goatsbeard Plant $4.98

    False Goatsbeard  Goatsbeard plants are amazing and have a lot of uses when turned into herbs.  This plant helps with increasing appetite and also is used to treat heartburn.  This herb aids a lot in people...

  • Angelica

    Angelica $6.49

    Angelica  The Angelica plant has a wide variety of uses.  It is used to combat depression, cramps, cold, coughs that occur with congestion and also some digestion problems.  It is created in an oil substance...

  • Blue Flag Iris

    Blue Flag Iris $4.98

    Blue Flag iris - Iris versicolor   Blue Flag Iris will be beautiful when added to water gardens. The Blue Flag Iris has a lot of uses.  This plant can be used to cleanse the blood of contaminants and can also as...

  • Carey’s Saxifrage

    Carey’s Saxifrage $4.98

    Carey’s Saxifrage  Carey’s Saxifrage can grow to be up to thirty-two inches tall.  This one does great when added to bodies of water.  It grows in soils that are moist and also in rocky soil areas...

  • Crossvine

    Crossvine $5.99

    Crossvine The Crossvine plant was used by Native Americans for several health problems.  These problems are headaches, edema and also rheumatism.  This plant can be created with essential oils that are very...

  • Downy Lobelia

    Downy Lobelia $4.98

    Downy Lobelia  Downy Lobelia is a beautiful wildflower.  This one grows to be around forty-eight inches tall and loves to be in full and partial sunlight.  They can also do good in partially shaded areas...

  • Dwarf Cinquefoil

    Dwarf Cinquefoil $4.98

    Dwarf Cinquefoil  Dwarf Cinquefoil is beautiful wildflowers.  They provide a gorgeous yellow blooms during March through June.  They grow in moist and well-drained soils and enjoy being in full sunlight...

  • Early Saxifrage

    Early Saxifrage $4.98

    Early Saxifrage  Early Saxifrage grows in climate zones three through eleven.  These plants can grow to be up to twelve inches tall.  They bloom in the months of March, April and May.  When blooming,...

  • Elephants Foot

    Elephants Foot $4.98

    Elephants Foot  Elephants foot plant is also known as the Ponytail Palm.  This plant can grow outside or indoors, and they can grow to be over four feet tall.  They thrive in soils that are kept moist but not...

  • Erect Goldenrod

    Erect Goldenrod $4.98

    Erect Goldenrod  The Erect Goldenrod plant can help with many health problems.  This plant can be produced in lotions and essential oils.  It can help with problems that arise with arthritis, gout, swelling...

  • Featherbells

    Featherbells $4.98

    Featherbells Featherbell plants are a very delicate looking plant when in bloom.  It blooms in July and August each year.  It does well in full sunlight and can also adapt well to various soils.  It can also...

  • garanium

    Geranium Plant $4.98

    Doves Foot Geranium  Geranium plants are great as they are produced in essential oils.  These oils can produce great relaxation and can relieve anxiety and stress and also some depression.  The leaves and...

  • Golden Ragwort

    Golden Ragwort $4.98

    Golden Ragwort  Golden Ragwort is found growing wild in fields and other areas in climates three through eleven.  This plant grows to become several inches tall.  It blooms in May and June and provides tiny...

  • Green Dragon

    Green Dragon $4.98

    Green Dragon The Green Dragon plant is a great plant.  It can help with female issues and can also be used for asthmatic problems.  It can be created by an essential oil and was often used by the Native Americans...

  • Hyssop Leaf Thoroughwort

    Hyssop Leaf Thoroughwort $4.98

    Hyssop Leaf Thoroughwort  Hyssop Leaf Thoroughwort are very easy plants to grow.  These perennials grow in almost any soil conditions such as dry soils and average soils.  They are also very drought tolerant...

With so many perennials to choose from any homeowner can give their yard color in no time. As the plants grow they do not only bring color in the yard, but they also bring wildlife such as bees and birds. These flowers can also be cut and brought indoors to enjoy.