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Customer's Are Welcome To Pick Orders Up Also

If you'd like to pick your orders up, your welcome to do so. Please allow us 5 days to dig and take to a packing barn for you to pickup. We have 3 barns in the Altamont Tennessee 37301 location for pickup, all within 3 miles apart. So give us a call 1 day prior to picking up to make sure the weather permmited us to dig, and which location you will need to pick your trees up.


Fast Shipping

All plants will be shipped out within 7-10 days after orders are placed. If you'd like to order but not have plants shipped until a specific date, simply put it in the comments section of the order form when you'd like your plants shipped. We will dig and ship the day requested.

Want To Reserve Plants for Guaranteed Availability ?

We will be happy to hold your orders until a requested ship date. Simply put in the comments section of the online order form the date you'd like your order shipped and we will dig fresh and ship at the requested date.

Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates Ups Are 9-17% , depending on zip code, weight and volume of order. Orders under $99 are a flat rate on shipping of $39.99.  You will get an exact shipping total prior to entering payment information in the checkout process when you order online.  This excludes machine dug trees.

How We Pack To Protect Your Plants

Every plant we ship is dug fresh a day prior to shipping. We dig your plant stock, take to the shipping warehouse and dip all roots in a moisture gel called Tera-sorb, surround Roots with peat moss  or in warmer months we use straw so the plants will not overheat in transit, then wrap in heavy mill plastic and containerize in corogated pressure protectant cardboard boxes. We band every box as well as tape for no transit damage.

What is Tera Sorb?

Available in Fine, Medium, and Coarse Grades Terra Sorb is a super absorbent, potassium based co-polymer gel that significantly increases the water holding capacity of soil. It absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and slowly releases it to nearby plants.


• Significantly increase water holding capacity of soil
• Prevent plant losses due to dry soil
• Slowly release water into the root zone


Can Non-Licensed Customers Or Homeowner's Order?

Sure you can. As of the year 2012 we are offering wholesale prices to homeowner's too.This has been due to an overwhelming volume of requests made in the past 10 years. Homeowner's can take advantage of wholesale grower prices and availability without having their orders shipped to a business - and we no longer require a Nursery License to order wholesale.

Transit Preparation and Time In Transit

We pack all stock to last during transit with no problems. We dip all roots in terasorb - a silicone gel, and wrap roots in peat moss to protect the roots and wrap in plastic to further hold moisture in for up to 10-12 days. Transit is never longer than 3-4 days.

My Plants Arrived But I cant Plant Them Right Now

No worries, you have over 7 days to plant after receival, or if the weather isn't allowing you to plant - the plants will be fine if you store them in a basement, cellar or garage. Make sure the roots are not exposed (leave in plastic) and water every 3-4 days. The plants will last 2-3 weeks until you can plant.

Methods Of Shipment

We ship all catagories of products except the large machine dug trees through the postal service. We look for the fastest transit carrier and choose the best method. Information regarding large machine dug trees is listed below.

Shipment Areas

We are certified to ship to all states and 13 foreign countries. We deliver to residential areas, commerical jobsites, business and homes. As long as you give us a physical delivery address we will be happy to ship to you.


Shipping & Regulations For Machine Dug Large Trees

What about the machine dug trees?

A: There's not an order button for large machine dug trees. These trees have to be delivered on a semi. Shipping charges are based on a per mile basis. You need to first see our shipping page and get an estimate of how many trees you need, then call a freight company and get a rate quote. It's usually $2.50-3.30 per mile from our fob zipcode 37301. Go to and type in our zip and yours, and you can calculate the mileage times 3.00 per mile to get a close estimate of freight. If you think the freight is feasible (usually with our prices on full loads it is) and want to order, please fax us your order to 931-692-4266 along with a return fax, name and delivery address. We will send you an invoice within 2 hours thereafter if it's within a normal business hours. Allow 2 weeks for all machine dug trees to be shipped. You pay the carrier for the delivery on arrival. You prepay invoice before trees are dug.


Estimate of How Many Trees Will Fit On A Trailer Load

Below is a schedule estimate of how many trees will fit per load - Delivery is based per mile, so order full loads to save money. We can not gurantee a certain amount per load, if you order more than we can fit on a truck and they are pre-dug, it's the buyer's responsibility to pickup what is left on yard. We will not care for the trees after 7 days when not picked up after digging.


Tree SizeEst. Per Semi 
5 - 6 feet -3/4" caliper - 450
6 -8 feet 3/4"-1" Caliper - 375
1 inch caliper - 220
2 inch caliper - 90
3 inch caliper - 60-70


Customers Are  Welcome To Pick  Orders Up

You are welcome to pick up your plants yourself. We will be happy to load you free of charge. Place your orders a week in advance. You MUST make an appointment. We have no store front so therefore we will not be anyone available to load. Orders will not be held beyond 30 days. We will not accept cancellations, refund, or credit on orders customers fail to make an appointment for and pickup.

International Shipping

We do ship Internationally - However we need a minimum order of $5000.00 to ship overseas. Federal Phtyo Sanitary Certification is $150.00 for each order plus shipping.

Freight Insurance Is Available Upon The Customer's Request

We will not be responsible for plants getting damaged or opened during transit. If you'd like to have insurance on your stock, please let us know - then your shipments will be covered. You must put in writing on comments of the order from that you'd like insurance on your order. This can be billed seperately.


B&B Shipping

Before placing your order for B&B trees, please make sure to have arrangements for shipping.  These large trees have to be loaded on a flat bed truck. You can call your local carrier or call C&W Trucking at 931-692-3798.



Shipping Question-


Have Other Questions Nefore You Place An Order? Click Here For More Info /frequently-asked-questions/


A division of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery LLC. We charge a recovery chargeback fee of $250.00 that will go to a collection agency for all chargebacks filed.