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Moss is a Great Ground Cover For Shady Areas and For Topical Ornaments

Are you looking to find the best moss plants, well you've come to the right tree nursery website. Now learn a few facts about mosses that can help you make an informed decision. Whether you have a dark shady area where nothing will grow or a love for reptiles and need something for those, moss is the best thing for both uses. It loves damp dark moist place and also makes a wonderful ground cover like ultra thick carpet and spread very easily.


Transplanting Mosses Are Easy, Just scratch the soil's surface and lay down. Our Cheap Moss for Sale is the lowest prices online!


Planting mossplants is easy. No holes to dig, no potting soil need just scratch the ground with a course garden rake and moisten and lay your moss pieces down. It spread and does extremely well also around rocks. Moss is an age old way to also make designs. Chicken wire can be formed into designs and you can place small pads of moss between the holes in thw wire for a super exotic topiary look.


Any garden that is based on mosses will require a substantial amount of water and shade. The ground should not retain water indefinitely, but consistent moisture is definitely a plus. Morning sun or heavily filtered afternoon sun can be tolerated by most of these shade loving plants.


The nutrients are absorbed from the air, and dirt is not really a requirement when you are speaking about growing these velvety plants. After you have located some healthy moss for sale the plants are extremely easy to transplant. Just a little mist of water daily, or a light sprinkle of water every two days will help the plants become well established.


It is important to note that mossy plants are mostly drought-tolerant. This is definitely a bonus for many gardeners to consider. After the roots have had a chance to establish themselves the plants can withstand dry weather. It generally takes 12-16 weeks for new plants to become established in a yard or garden.


Do not make the mistake of trying to grown mosses in rich soil. These are plants that thrive in poorer soils. If you place them in areas where sand and rocky topsoil are prevalent the plants should perform well over time. You may want to add just a bit of compost or garden soil to the bed if there is very little dirt present.


Moss Is An Evergreen and Lush In Color


Keep those fallen leaves and twigs away from your mossy beds. Any debris that is allowed to remain atop the beds can keep the air and nutrients from reaching the plants. This will result in dead, brown areas.


You can buy moss in large or small clumps. You can even find flowering varieties, and species that are amazingly fragrant. If you find a lovely selection of moss for sale then you should purchase it and then divide it into sections. The divisions should root very easily and begin to cover the outdoor areas that you have chosen.


These airy plants can be used as focal points in any garden. You can also buy moss and place it along garden pathways, or use it to fill in areas of a shady rock garden. There are literally thousands of ways to make use of these beautiful plants.


Not only do we offer the best moss for sale we box our mosses up and ship it to you after it's harvested fresh from our wooded properties. We do ship our mosses expidited delivery so you will receve it within 2-3 days and it will look fresh upon arrival and be ready to plant.


Treat Your Yard Right with Our Nursery's Moss Plantings


To some people moss is only a plant that grows in shadowy places. They often overlook its wonderful versatility, durability and visual appeal. If you want to change the way your yard and gardens now look you can use moss to create beauty, elegance and character.


There are dozens of different mosses and each type can add a different look to an area of your yard. These plants have an ancient history and are recognized for their ability to filter impurities from the environment.


These soft green plants feel like the softest velvet when touched. A carpet of mossy plants are soothing to look at, to touch and to walk upon with bare feet.