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Bare Root Information

We are in Tennessee but it doesn't matter if your in California Or Vermont. We Grow plants for all zones. We have seed sources for every zone and we will see your zip code and always choose plants that will grow in your zone well.


Ferns, Perennials, Live Stakes, Wetland Plants, Grasses & Ground Covers Ship Year Round

Trees and Shrubs during their Dormant Season (September-April)

We Ship All Our Plants by US MAIl & Package To Insure Moisture In Transit

Since the hot summer months damage bare root trees and shrubs during shipping, our bare root trees and shrubs are only shipped from September to April, the dormant season. The survival rate for transporting bare root trees and shrubs is at least 93% during the dormant season. We pack up to 8% more in every order to ensure a 100% shipping success rate, free of charge!

Bare Root Ground Covers, Wetland Plants, Perennials, Live Stakes and Ferns are shipped YEAR ROUND because they are more resistant than Tress and Shrubs.

 Cooler Months are the Best Times to Plant your Trees and Shrubs

 To decrease plant shock during transplant, we advise to plant your trees and shrubs during the dormant season. These are bare root trees and plants, so giving them time before Spring to start growing alleviates stress to the plants. In addition, temperatures below 31 degrees harm the plant growth. Safely planting your trees and shrubs is in temperatures over 31 degrees. Once temperatures reach over 58 degrees, your plants will leave the dormant stage and start to bud. For best results, please plant before the budding process.

How We Ship Our Bare Root Trees and Shrubs During the Dormant Season (No Blooms, Leaves, or Foliage

Look below. The image to the left is how our bare root crepe myrtles are shipped. These bare root crepe myrtles have no foliage or blooms and are actively in their dormant season. Planting during the dormant season in the cooler months with proper care ensures your plants to look like the right image below.


Buying Bare Root Plants Saves You Money

Bare Root Plants are easier to ship, lowering the overall cost for you and us! We ship our bare root plants, trees, perennials, and ferns without the need for containers. Also aiding in lower the cost of shipping is the option to ship via FedEx, US mail, or UPS, whichever is cheaper. Why not buy the same plants at a fraction of the cost?

Our Bare Root Shrubs are Shipped During September to April, the Shrubs Dormant Season

Looking at the image below to the left, you can see how the shrubs are shipping. The dormant season is when we ship our shrubs, when they do not have any leaves or blooms. To ensure you receive your shrubs healthy, we dip the roots in Terra-Sorb gel and line the roots in packing paper. Now look at the right image below. If you plant your shrubs before Spring, your shrubs can look like this. So remember, buying you bare root plants instead of container plants saves you more money to purchase more plants.

We Ship Our Plants Safely

Shipping out plants as safe as possible is our top priority. As soon as we receive your order, we dig your order the day before it’s shipped out. After we get your order, we go out to the fields and dig up your order, and send them to the shipping warehouse. At the shipping warehouse, we dip the roots in a moisture gel called Terra Sorb and line the roots with paper. Warmer months do have alternative shipping packing methods. To keep the temperature down, we ship them with straw, wrap them in heavy paper and package them in corrugated pressure protectorate cardboard boxes. Lastly, we tape and band individual boxes to deter potential damages from shipping.

What is Terra-Sorb?

Terra-Sorb is a co-polymer gel that increases the water holding capacity of the soil. This exceptionally absorbent potassium based gel can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water while also releasing slowly to any surrounding plants. By slowly watering the roots and avoiding dry soil, Terra-Sorb helps your plants arrive healthy and happy.

We Ship Our Bare Root Berry Plants While in Their Dormant Season

The left image below is how your bare root berry plants will look once they arrive. They are shipped during their dormant season when they are not producing any blooms, berries, or leaves. Once you receive your plants, it is always best to plant as soon as you receive them. This gives your berry plants longer to root and grown to ensure an abundant fruiting season. Your berry plants will look like the right image below.


We Prepare our Bare Root Stock in the Fields

Bare Root Stock is Dipped in Terra Sorb While in the Fields

To ensure your plants arrive healthy and happy, we bring out large tubs of Terra Sorb directly to the fields, dig up your order, dip the roots in Terra Sorb instantly, and quickly are sent to the shipping warehouse for packaging. These extra steps are not practiced by all nurseries, but rest assured we do. While other nurseries prepare their plants in the field by placing them in a cooler until they are shipped, we pride ourselves on top quality and service and only practice beneficial shipping methods.

What Our Ground Cover Plants Look Like Before Shipment

The left image below shows how our ground cover plants look like before shipping. Once you receive your ground cover roots, please plant them immediately. This ensures your ground cover plants will bloom beautifully like the right image below by springtime.


What Our Grass Plugs Look Like Before Shipment

To promise our clients receive exactly what they ordered, we only ship our grass plugs during warmer months. This is due to our glass plugs being planted in large fields surrounded by other species of grasses and carex and it being too difficult to identify them because of the tops being gone.

Learn How to Properly Preserve Bare Root Plants If You Cannot Immediately Plant

-Storing Trees and Shrubs Including Native Plants, Berry Plants, and Fruit Plants

Once you receive your trees and shrubs, immediately remove all plastics from the plants except for the roots.

It’s best to plant your bare root trees and shrubs 1-2 days after arrival. However, if you don’t have the time, don’t worry. There are other ways to ensure happy and healthy trees and shrubs. First, store your plants upright with the plastic around the roots in a cool moist area like a basement or garage. Please water the roots several times a day. Are you ready to plant your trees and shrubs? Soak the roots in water, dig your hole and add water in before planting, place your plant in the hole, cover and water again. Wait 4-5 days before watering again. Here’s a helpful tip: Using fertilizer in the fall gets your plants ready to grow quickly and happily by springtime.


-Storing Ferns, Ground Covers, and Perennials

To store your ferns, ground covers, and perennials before you are able to plant them, please place them in temperatures of 38-42 degrees which puts them in a dormant stage. An area like a basement, cellar, or garage would work perfectly to store your ferns, ground covers, and perennials. Remember to remove from the shipping packaging, cover with potting soil, and lightly mist with water every other day. If you have a smaller order, keep the plants in the bags and put in the crisper or bottom section drawers of your refrigerator.

-Storing Lives Stakes and Wetland Plants

To store your live stakes and wetland plants properly, place the roots in a pond, large trough, or lake. If you do not have this, then get a container and fill it with water. The only thing to watch is the freshness of the water. Remove any algae or stagnant water to make sure your plants remain as healthy as they were when you received them. Rinsing the water out every couple days helps.

-Storing Seeds

Seeds must remain dry. Simply store them in a dry area or refrigerator until planting. It's best to check with your local USDA for ideal storage specifications for different seeds. Particular zones and climates have specific ways to store your seeds.

 The number one step in properly storing your seeds is keeping them in a dry area or refrigerator. A helpful tip is to check with your local USDA for best ways to store your seeds. Since growing zones and climates differ, there may be better ways to store your seeds.

What Our Perennials Look Like Before They are Shipped

The left image below is an example of our perennials before shipment. The perennials are shipped without blooms since they are shipped in their dormant season. Once you receive your perennials, plant them and wait for spring and your blooms to arrive (right image below).


All Our Bare Root Stock is Always Freshly Dug to Order

After you place your order, it is instantly dug up, delivered to our shipping warehouse, spray with wiltproof, and roots dipped in Terra-Sorb gel. You won’t be able to see the wiltproof and Terra-Sorb since it’s transparent. To test your plants health, simply touch the bulb and feel the moisture. To securely ship our plants, we wrap the roots or will place them in plastic zip lock bags. Since our shipping commute is a quick 3-4 days, the plastic will seal in moisture and extra peat moss helps retain water.

What Our Ferns Look Like Before They Are Shipped

We freshly and quickly dig your order of bare root ferns, send them to the shipping warehouse, spary them with wiltproof, and dip the roots in Terra-Sorb gel. The left image below shows what our bare root ferns look like before they are shipped. Since we pay extra attention to safe shipping practices, your bare root plants have a great chance of growing and turning into the right image below. 

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