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Wetland Plants

  • Buy Bearded Iris

    Bearded Iris $4.98

    Bearded Iris- Iris germanica       Buy the gorgeous Bearded Iris at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery!     The Bearded Iris is an unpredictable flowering plant. The plant’s blossoms...

  • Pink Lotus

    Pink Lotus $4.98

    Lotus Pink- Nymphaea  Pond Lily plants will have a wonderful fragrance when in bloom.     Pond Lily plants can add life to any pond or lake. They love growing in moist areas with rich soil conditions. They...

  • Water Willow for sale

    Water Willow $4.98

    American Water Willow – Justicia Americana   This perennial prefers to be planted standing water or sandy soil to grow correctly.  American Water Willow flowers begin to bloom in the early...

  • dandelion plant

    Dandelion Plant $4.98

     Dandelion – Pyrrhopappus Carolinianus False Dandelion is a great perennial and will come back each year. The Dandelion plant can be used in several ways.  It can be used to create delicious salads with the...

  • Ragwort for sale

    Ragwort $4.98

    Round Leaf Ragwort   Looking for something pretty but inexpensive? TN nursery offers this flower along with many others that are both inexpensive and pretty. They also offer the best of service...

  • Buy Alum Root

    Alum Root $4.98

    Alum Root - Heuchera americana Alum Root, also known as Coral Bells is a North American native herbaceous perennial in the Saxifragaceae family. The genus was named after a German physician named Johann Heinrich von Heucher...

  • Arrow Arum For Sale

    Arrow Arum $4.98

    Arrow Arum - Peltandra virginica Peltandra virginica, better known as Arrow Arum or Tuckahoe is a widely distributed wetland plant in the Eastern US and parts of Canada. It can also be found in central Florida along the...

  • Arrowhead Plant for sale

    Arrowhead Plant $4.98

    Arrowhead Plant - Sagittaria latifolia The Broadleaf Arrowhead, also known as Duck Potato, Indian Potato, and Wapato, has a tuber eaten by native americans. Grows in colonies near water. It has thin, white roots.Wedge...

  • Bamboo for sale

    Bamboo $4.98

    Bamboo - Arundinaria gigantea  Bamboo, also known as River Cane, is a highly sought after wetland plant. This plant grows excellent when planted inside lakes or rivers. It is native to the US and can reach heights of...

  • bent trillium

    Bent Trillium $6.79

    Bent Trillium Bent Trillium plants were very helpful to the Native Americans.  These plants have substances that can help with headaches and also boils, acne and sunburns when turned into a lotion.  It has also...

  • Big Bluestem Grass

    Big Bluestem Grass $4.98

    Big Bluestem Grass  This plant makes for a great hedge with its large lush dense foliage. The plant is a great way to save money on purchasing a fence when instead you can plant this. The plant can reach heights of 6...

  • Black Alder For Sale

    Black Alder $9.99

     Black Alder - Alnus Glutinosa    Black Alder trees are very spectacular when grown.  They will grow to be around sixty feet tall and around forty feet wide and can grow up to three feet each year...

  • bleeding heart

    Bleeding Heart $4.98

    Bleeding Heart   Bleeding Heart plants was once used to treat tooth aches when the roots are chewed.  They were also known to treat worms or parasites that are contracted by humans.  This plant is...

  • Bulltongue For Sale

    Bull tongue $4.98

    Bull Tongue – Sagittaria Lancifolia   This plant is a great food source for ducks and muskrats because the roots grow the best when emerged in water on the sides of ponds and lake beds. This plant can reach...

  • Bur-Reed Grass

    Bur-Reed Grass $4.98

    Bur-Reed Common Name: Bur Reed Sun Exposure: Full sun.  .  Mature Height: 30 to 90 centimeters.  Spread: Spreads efficiently though not too quickly. Spacing: Bur reeds grow well when close...

  • Coontail For Sale

    Coontail Plant $4.98

    Coontail – Ceratophyllum Demersum   This plant is a great plant to have around your property and can be purchased through a nurseryor online mail center. This plant has a rootless system and grows in...

  • Creek Sedge

    Creek Sedge $4.98

    Creek Sedge - Carex  Amphibola   This sedge has medium to thin  leaves that are dark green. It makes strong distinct clumps. It tends to be  small half globe about 8-10 inches around. It grows in areas...

  • Deer Tongue Grass For sale

    Deer Tongue Grass $4.98

    Deer Tongue  Grass   Deer Tounge Grass is a summer  annual grass weed that gets its name from their leaves that resemble a deer's  tongue. Primarily a weed of pastures and hayfields found growing...

  • Duck Weed For Sale

    Duck Weed $4.98

    Duckweed     This is a great plant will look  great in a natural area.  It will grow well in moist soil conditions.   This plant will come back year after year.  It will grow in...

  • garanium

    Geranium Plant $4.98

    Doves Foot Geranium  Geranium plants are great as they are produced in essential oils.  These oils can produce great relaxation and can relieve anxiety and stress and also some depression.  The leaves and...

Wetland Plants

Homeowners who have a naturally wet spot, a low area, or a drainage way with clay soil in their yard can benefit from creating mini-wetland. Even without such a spot, wetland plants can still be added to a yard. Wetlands in a backyard can temporarily store and filter water that runs off water from a roof and yard. A mini-wetland can also provide a home for butterflies, bees, salamanders, toads, frogs, and birds.To create a mini wetland, plants do not require standing water, which can be surprising to many people. In fact, wetland plants can survive in an area that seems dry most of the growing season.Simply put, a mini wetland is any area where soil is covered or saturated with water for at least two to three weeks per growing season. Basically, anywhere in a yard where water accumulates faster than it can be absorbed or drain away can serve as an ideal location. Most areas are covered with water for four weeks or less during the warmest months.

Wetlands, also known as marshes, include different grasses, cattails, and other herbaceous vegetation. Wooded wetlands, which have mostly shrubs and trees, are called swamps.Homeowners must take into account the saturation of the soil and the length of time the area is wet when selecting wetland plants. Many small wetland plants can grow quickly in the wet, spring soil but may disappear in the heat of the summer when the soil dries up. Bulrushes, cattails, jewelweed, and cardinal flowers like places where the wet and dry periods alternate. These plants will also survive flooding if most of the leaves are not immersed in the water. Water lilies and pond weeds like to grow in permanently flooded ares.As for new wildlife establishing their habitats, toads and tree frogs will lay eggs and the pollywogs will mature where water is available for about three to four weeks. Other frogs need more time. Permanent water usually means bullfrog pollywogs and small fish take over and stop the reproduction of most other toads, frogs, and salamanders. Top choices in wetland plants are pickerelweed, arrowhead plant and cattails.In the end, a mini-wetland can be a unique and beneficial addition to any yard or garden