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Plants By Type


Trees For Texas

  • Red Maple Tree

    Red Maple Tree $12.99

    Red Maple Tree As it name may suggest, the Red Maple is red all year. During spring it will brighten up your garden with red flowers, in summer its new grown twigs are red, during fall its foliage has a reddish mixture of...

  • Scarlet Red Maple For Sale

    Scarlet Red Maple $12.99

    Scarlet Red Maple - Acer rubrum   The Scarlet Red Maple is aptly named. Its flowers show a deep red with leaves that can take on any shade from red to orange. They make this tree a colorful addition to any garden...

  • Redbud

    Redbud $12.99

    Redbud Tree - Cercis canadensis   The Redbud Tree is a nice small deciduous, with beautiful ornamental blossoms. It is easily identified with its small, stocky trunk. It has pink or white blooms in the spring...

  • autumn blaze maple tree

    Autumn Blaze Maple $12.99

    Autumn Blaze Maple     Autumn Blaze Maple is a gorgeous tree as it grows to become mature.  This tree is beautiful all year and looks amazing in the spring and summer as it is covered with beautiful...

  • Sasafrass Tree

    Sassafras Tree $12.99

    Sassafras Tree The Sassafras Tree has been used for many years as an herb.  It has been produced into an oil form and used as an antiseptic.  This tree also helps with problems arising from kidney and liver,...

  • Weeping Willow Trees

    Weeping Willow Trees $12.99

    Weeping Willow Tree  The weeping willow grows best in very moist soils; they may also be successfully used as a quick-growing specimen or as part of a screen in drier areas where it needs regular watering to prevent...

  • Kousa Flowering Dogwood Tree

    Kousa Flowering Dogwood Tree $11.99

    Kousa Flowering Dogwood Tree  Kousa Dogwood The Flowers Bloom white clusters of bracts from mid-Spring to Summer and also grow Red Berries that grow to about 2cm to 3cm in diameter and can grow larger towards the end...

  • Brandywine  Maple

    Brandywine Maple $12.99

    Brandywine Maple     Buy the gorgeous Brandywine Red Maple Tree at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery!  The Brandywine Maple is a great choice for landscaping projects and also looks amazing as it grows...

  •  Pink Princess Dogwood Tree

    Pink Princess Dogwood Tree $12.99

    Pink Dogwood Tree The Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree is an excellent choice to add to your landscape. It is also known as Cornus Florida and is best suited for climate zones five through nine. This tree can grow at the full...

  • Maple Trees

    Maple Trees $12.99

    Maple Trees  There is a wide variety of maple trees available, and they look magnificent on lawns and other landscapes where they are planted.  These trees are very durable and strong and can withstand the harsh...

  • Tulip Poplar Trees

    Tulip Poplar Trees $12.99

    Tulip Poplar Tree The tulip poplar (otherwise called the tulip tree) is a closer connection to the magnolia than either a tulip or a poplar tree. The name originates from the state of the green yellow and orange blossoms...

  • Wild Plum Tree

    Wild Plum Tree $12.99

    Plum – Prunus Americana The Flowering Plum Tree, or Prunus Americana,  is a small tree up to 25' tall. It has a short, thick trunk that spreads widely to 20 feet.  Zone – 5-9 Mature Height: 12-25 ft...

  • River Birch Tree

    River Birch Tree $12.99

    River Birch Tree The River Birch is a native of the United States. It is a type of deciduous tree that works well in moist, wet soils. It is strong and disease resistant. It makes a good tree for urban landscapes and is...

  • American Beech

    American Beech $12.99

    American Beech  Known as the American Beech tree, it is a slow growth ornamental with heavy bark. The average American Beech grows to 80 feet, it can grow much larger. They live as long as 300 years. During Fall, the...

  • Swamp White Oak

    Swamp White Oak Tree $12.99

    Swamp White oak - Quercus Bicolor   The medium sized Swamp White Oak is a type of White Oak and known as adaptable to various soils. This tree can reach heights of 85 feet. This oak resembles the normal White oak...

  • Chinkapin Oak Tree

    Chinkapin Oak Tree $12.99

    Chinkapin Oak   Chinkapin oak (Quercus muehlenbergii), or, as it is often called yellow chestnut oak, rock oak, or yellow oak, prefers alkaline soils on well-drained slopes of the uplands and limestone outcrops,...

  • Silver Maple

    Silver Maple $12.99

    Silver Maple - Acer saccharinum   The winged seeds of the Silver Maple are the largest of any indigenous maple species. Their attraction to birds and other wildlife make this tree a popular choice for many a garden...

  • American Elm

    American Elm $12.99

    American Elm American Elm is also known as Ulmus Americana and will be ideal for growth zones three through eight.  This tree, or large shrub, will be between fifteen and twenty-five feet in height and can be as wide...

  • Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

    Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry $12.99

    Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is a great tree for growth zones three through seven and will be anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five feet in height.  This tree will need a full sunlight...

  • Autumn Red Maple

    Autumn Red Maple $12.99

    Autumn Red Maple Tree - Acer rubrum   As the name may suggest, the Autumn Red Maples are types of Red Maples, and therefore they share many similar characteristics. The Autumn Maples have something red all year round,...

We have selected trees that will do especially well for the great state of Texas. Your state is one of our largest selling states so we are catering to you and we have hand selected trees that will do perfect in the entire state of Texas. We grow trees from a variety of different seed sources all over the US. We buy our seeds in zones that will work well in the best selling states like Texas that we sell to.

You are one of the top 5 states we sell to and we will cater to your needs. If this state by state works well, we will broaden our categories to help you also select other type plants perfect for your state. Please give us feedback and put us a comment in the checkout stating this was helpful to you and let us know what other type plants you'd like "states" listed for on our website. We appreciate you and will continue to grow plants for Texas. You are one of most dedicated states and we honor your business the same we we have for over half a century.