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Indian Strawberry – Duchesnea Indica


Zone 8-11  Mature Height: 1-3 ft.  Mature Width: up to 7 feet  Growth/Year: 1-3 ft.  Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Shade  Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils


This plant is similar to the strawberry plant which has a small red berry but is more used to feed wildlife rather than to eat as a staple fruit. This plant can reach maximum spreads of up to 3 feet or longer and is used primarily for their look and beauty. This plant looks similar to a strawberry plant but is considered non edible to humans. They are extermely poisionous to humans, so under no circumstance should you eat the berries. 


Choose Perennial Plants like the Indian strawberry to Enjoy for Homes and Flower Beds


Have a flower bed or garden? These types of plants are excellent to landscape around fixtures like this. They are a native perennial plant so you know they will be very hardy and they will eventually reseed themselves and become thicker as this process takes place.


Wildflowers are an Excellent source to provide extra pollination to your garden


Do you have a garden you want to grow? These type of wildflower perennials also work well in the aid of gardens. Some people like to plant gardens around their houses. It makes them look special and give them some food that they can grow.


Botanical Name: Duchesnea Indica | Indian Strawberry


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