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Spagnum Moss


Fern, Moss, Perennials, Stakes, Ground Covers all ship within 3-5 days.Trees Ship In Fall.

Product Description

For the orchidist and the succulent and carnivorous plant grower, sphagnum moss is an indispensable medium component for successful growing.

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Sphagnum is actually a genus, or type, of over 150 different types of mosses. With its ability to absorb moisture from the air rather than rely on water within the soil, sphagnum moss uniquely absorbs water like a sponge, holding many times its weight in water. Because it can absorb and retain water, it serves the grower working with a variety of plants and media. With its capacity to hydrate, stabilize and condition the soil environment, sphagnum moss helps ensure the greater success of a variety of plantings and garden projects.


Beautiful, Versatile and Effective Is The Common Charastics of Spagnum Moss


Spagnum Moss is A Great Filler Moss, Excellent For Plants and Super Rich

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