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Shade Perennials

  • Buy Bearded Iris

    Bearded Iris $4.98

    Bearded Iris- Iris germanica       Buy the gorgeous Bearded Iris at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery!     The Bearded Iris is an unpredictable flowering plant. The plant’s blossoms...

  • Indian Pink

    Indian Pink $5.79

    Indian Pink- Spigelia marilandica Buy the gorgeous Indian Pink at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery!   Indian Pink plants help with maintaining focus and also helps with having the ability to coordinate activities...

  • columbine plant

    Columbine Plant $4.98

    Columbine - Aquilegia canadensis This is a herbaceous perennial that grows near rocky and woodland slopes. It's a vibrant prize for many because of it's red and yellow flowers. Blooms 1-3 inches in length. blooms in late...

  • Adam and Eve Orchid

    Adam and Eve Orchid $5.79

    Adam and Eve  The Adam and Eve Orchid has a unique trait to it.  When the roots of this plant are crushed or smashed they become like glue.  It forms into a sticky putty that was often used in early times in...

  • Angelica

    Angelica $6.49

    Angelica  The Angelica plant has a wide variety of uses.  It is used to combat depression, cramps, cold, coughs that occur with congestion and also some digestion problems.  It is created in an oil substance...

  • Bishops Cap

    Bishops Cap $4.98

    Bishops Cap  Bishops Cap plants are very pretty and have a very delicate look to them when they are in bloom.  They have large green leaves with stems that will hold the small white flowers when they are in bloom...

  • Blood Root

    Blood Root $4.98

    Blood Roots- Sanguinaria Canadensis Buy the gorgeous Blood Roots at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery! Blood Root plants produce a very red juice that is often used to dye clothes and has also been used by native Indians...

  • Blue Flag Iris

    Blue Flag Iris $4.98

    Blue Flag iris - Iris versicolor   Blue Flag Iris will be beautiful when added to water gardens. The Blue Flag Iris has a lot of uses.  This plant can be used to cleanse the blood of contaminants and can also as...

  • Blue Wood Aster

    Blue Wood Aster $4.98

    Blue Wood Aster  Blue Wood Aster are great wildflower plants that can grow to be three to six feet high when fully mature.  These plants also do great when planted in areas and gardens that offer full and...

  • Catchfly

    Catchfly $5.79

    Catchfly- Silene Regia   Buy the gorgeous Catchfly at rock-bottom prices with TN Nursery! Catchfly plants have certain parts that are edible.  The leaves and young plants were cooked by Native Americans and used...

  • Celandine Golden Poppy

    Celandine Golden Poppy $4.98

    Celandine Golden Poppy Celandine Golden Poppy has beautiful bright yellow flowers when in bloom.  These bloom in late winter months on into the early part of summer.  They can become to be up to eighteen inches...

  • Cut Leaf Toothwort

    Cut Leaf Toothwort $4.98

    Cut Leaf Toothwort  Cut Leaf Toothwort is a great wildflower for gardens and natural areas.  This one can grow to be a few inches tall and does great in partially shaded areas.  It flowers during the months...

  • Downy Lobelia

    Downy Lobelia $4.98

    Downy Lobelia  Downy Lobelia is a beautiful wildflower.  This one grows to be around forty-eight inches tall and loves to be in full and partial sunlight.  They can also do good in partially shaded areas...

  • Early Meadow Rue

    Early Meadow Rue $4.98

    Early Meadow Rue Early Meadow Rue plants can grow to be one to two feet tall.  These plants normally bloom in April and May.  They grow planted in full and partially shaded areas.  They can be found growing...

  • Fine Leaf Toothwort

    Fine Leaf Toothwort $4.98

    Fine Leaf Toothwort Fine Leaf Toothwort is a lovely small plant that offers very thin leaves and bright and gorgeous white flowers.  It can grow to be up to sixteen inches tall and thrives when planted in partial shade...

  • garanium

    Geranium Plant $4.98

    Doves Foot Geranium  Geranium plants are great as they are produced in essential oils.  These oils can produce great relaxation and can relieve anxiety and stress and also some depression.  The leaves and...

  • Green Dragon

    Green Dragon $4.98

    Green Dragon The Green Dragon plant is a great plant.  It can help with female issues and can also be used for asthmatic problems.  It can be created by an essential oil and was often used by the Native Americans...

  • Harbinger of Spring

    Harbinger of Spring $4.98

    Harbinger of Spring The Harbinger of Spring plant is used to treat the pains that are associated with toothaches.  The roots of this plant can be cooked or used raw.  A herbalist needs to be contacted as to which...

  • Hispid Buttercup

    Hispid Buttercup $4.98

    Hispid Buttercup  Hispid Buttercup grows best in USDA climate zones six through nine.  They grow good in moist and well-drained soils.  They can also grow in saturated soils.  They can be called Bristly...

  • jacobs ladder

    Jacob’s Ladder $4.98

    Jacob’s Ladder  The Jacob’s Ladder plant is very popular and can be used for several medical conditions.  It can be produced into an oil and used to help with tremors, headaches and also help with...

Perennials work well for those who prefer to plant something that needs little maintaining. They can bring color to any area in a small amount of time. Blue Phlox, Brown Eyed Susan, and Doll's Eye are a few that are hardy growers and do well in any area. Plant for the upscale flower gardens