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Plants By Type


Live Tree Stakes

  • Red Maple

    Red Maple Live Stakes $12.99

     Red Maple Live Stakes        Buy the gorgeous Red Maple at rock-bottom prices with TN...

  • Silky Willow for sale

    Silky Willow Live Stakes $12.99

    Silky Willow    Silky Willow The Black Willow (Salix nigra) is a native tree to North America. The maximum height of this tree can reach 148ft but they are most commonly found at heights ranging from 30-70ft...

  • Black Cherry

    Black Cherry Live Stakes $12.99

    Black Cherry Tree A Black Cherry tree would make nice addition to any front or back yard. The tree can grow in a variety of soil types and bloom in April and May. Before planting the tree make sure the tree is in a area...

  • Black Willow

    Black Willow Stakes $12.99

    Black Willow Live Stakes This tree will make a very stately shade tree for your lawn. This tree can also be used by several types of wildlife for cover and will attract a wide variety of birds. This tree can grow to be 100...

  • Box elder live stakes

    Box Elder Live Stakes $12.99

    Box Elder Acer Negundo makes for a great addition because it provides shade and is dense. This tree is known to be one of the most common and best known of the maple tree family. It is also known by the following names:-...

  • Hazel Alder

    Hazel Alder Live Stakes $12.99

    Hazel Alder Fruits of this tree ripen around the end of fall and last throughout winter. They look like small pinecones. It has male and female flowers which are seen during fall. It can grow up to 15 feet tall but...

  • Nannyberry

    Nannyberry Live Stakes $12.99

    Nannyberry The nannyberry is a beautiful, full-bodied shrub that is native to the United States and Canada. Growing upwards of nine feet, the nannyberry is often considered to be a small tree. With it's short,...

  • REd Maple

    Red Maple Live Stakes $12.99

    Red Maple - Acer rubrum  As it name may suggest, the Red Maple is red all year. During spring it will brighten up your garden with red flowers, in summer its new grown twigs are red, during fall its foliage has a...

  • River Birch

    River Birch Live Stakes $12.99

    River Birch This tree grows best on wet ground; it is able to grow in higher elevations. It can be used as an ornamental tree as many love the appearance of the gritty peeling bark. It is capable of growing up to 100 feet...

  • Sassafras Live Stakes

    Sassafras Live Stakes $12.99

    Sassafras  The sassafras is a medium, to large-sized tree, growing upwards of 59 feet tall and 60 inches in diameter. Native to the eastern seaboard and parts of Asia, it is known for producing vibrantly colored...

  • Silky Dogwood Live Stakes

    Silky Dogwood Live Stakes $12.99

    Silky Dogwood - Cornus Amomum Silky Dogwood is a Shrubby Plant and is Native to North Eastern America but is also found in other parts of North America.  It can grow up to roughly 6 to 10 feet in height. When...

  • Silver Maple

    Silver Maple Live Stakes $12.99

    Buy the gorgeous Silver Maple at rock-bottom prices with TN...

  • White Poplar Live Stakes for sale

    White Poplar Live Stakes $12.99

    White Poplar A Stately Tree That Positively Sparkles.Also known as the Abele or Silver Poplar, the White Poplar is an elegant tree with white bark marked with distinctive diamond shapes. Its dark leaves have a silvery...