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Grass Plants Are Bare Root Plugs

Landscaping with
s a way to transform you outdoor area in to one that is a blend of grasses, bushes, trees, plants and flowers. You can usevarious types of perennial and annual plants to create a unique area that matches your personal taste. One of the more popular and hardy options to add to any outdoor area is ornamental grass. These are the types of grass that are designed to be larger, and almost reminiscent of a bush as they grow tall and wide; thus drawing attention from all angles. Various types and species are available, though some are more common due to their growing ability and distinct look.

 Plant Grass Plants Anywhere There's a Need For Coverage


This grass is one type of ornamental grasses that bring about a unique and eye catching appearance. They can grow to heights of up to ten feet and the look of bul rush is one that can bring a sense of tranquility to any area. A variety of types are available and bul rush grows best in very moist or wet soil or even in shallow water; making them ideal for landscaping in and around ponds. The fact that this particular grass grows so high is one of the reasons many prefer to use it as a perimeter plant for ponds and lakes.


Sedges Makes Excellent Grass Plants For Landscaping


Pennsylvanica sedge is yet another one of the more ornate and beautiful ornamental grasses that are hardy and readily available for bringing a new look and feel to your yard, garden or outdoor area. Pennsylvanica sedge works quite well in dry soil and has an inherent ability to spread. This creeping ability makes Pennsylvanica sedge appear to be bushy and lush as the fine and soft grass appears to be as light as air. The almost random nature of how the grass grows makes them suitable for larger areas where the grass is being used as a filler and thus will not encroach upon other plants.

Pink muhly grass, yet another option when one is seeking to add ornamental grasses to their landscaping mix, has a distinctly different look and feel when compared to other grasses. Pink muhly grass grows best when planted in frost free areas and allowed plenty of room to grow. Reaching upwards of six feet high and almost five feet in width, the most prominent feature of this grass is the plume of soft pink that grows from the top tufts of the grass creating a spun candy look and feel. This is one of the more astonishing grasses available and can bring a pop of subtle pink color to any yard or garden.

The choice in grass is one that is based on personal preference, geographic location and soil quality. You can truly create a one of a kind outdoor oasis simply by choosing special elements for your yard and garden such as grasses that are far more than what typical lawn grass is since these grasses get their name because they truly can be considered ornaments for your yard.



These Cheap Grass Plants are No Hassle Landscaping Plants



There's native grass plants and ornamental grasses to fit any landscape You may have those terrible looking bare spots on your lawn or landscape that nothing seems to grow in. Grass plants are a great way to maybe fill those spots in with great looking grass. You can find the perfect types of grass that will look great with the rest of your lawn. Grass plants are also a great way to fill those natural areas and spots in your flower gardens. Decorative types of grass plants also look great to line a sidewalk or driveway for decorative purposes. You can also use grass plants to decorate porches. You can plant them in containers and sit them around your porch or patio for that natural look and feel. Grass plants are very easy to take care of and require little or no maintenance at all. These are great plants to use for just about anything.



Bul Rush, Cattails and Pennsylvanica Sedge grasses are our best sellers. We sell literally thousands of our grass plugs for restoration projects and to homeowner's who want to create a naturescape around ponds, in swampy areas or lakes.