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Gardening Plants Blog

Different Varieties of Fruit Trees for Your Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on

Wednesday, September 21

Gardening is an interesting hobby which involves hard work as well as creativity. Everyone enjoys the fruit of hard work. If you are a fruit lover you can definitely grow amazing trees in your garden to get the freshest supply of fruits.

Some of the varieties of fruit trees that are suitable for home gardens are—

Red Haven Fruit Peach Tree: The Red Haven Fruit Tree can be grown in moist well drained soil. It can grow up to a height of 15-30 feet tall producing lovely peaches during summers that can be consumed fresh. Jellies and jams can be made out of peaches and can be preserved for later consumption. Peaches contain good quantity of Vitamin A and C along with potassium and fiber. This tree has pink flowers and they bloom during spring making the landscape come alive during blooming season.

Black Tartarian Cherry Fruiting Tree: This tree contains sweet berries that turn dark purple in color when ripe. They usually appear reddish in color when unripe. These cherries are produced during summer and spring season. This tree produces fruits during long chilling period and is not very ideal for warm climate. They wear white or pink flowers during summer season which look exquisite.

Bartlett Pear Tree: The Bartlett Pear Tree produces yellow colored pear which is juicy and smooth. It is a European pear and the tree requires lots of sunlight and water to produce them. It is not a cold season tree as some of other varieties are. The shape of the pear is like a bell narrow from the top and wider at the bottom. The pear can be consumed fresh or can be baked and prepared in many different ways.

Goldcot Apricot Tree: The Goldcot apricot tree grows up to a height of 15-18 feet and produces round fruit which looks like a small peach. This apricot can be consumed fresh or can be used in many dessert preparations. Apricots are also quite common dry fruits and are used extensively throughout the world in various cuisines. This tree produces white and pink flowers which bloom during spring. It requires a lot of sunlight and can be grown in sandy, loamy or clay soil.

Methley Plum Tree: The Methley Plum Fruit Tree produces reddish-purple fruits which are sweet when ripe. This tree is disease resistant to a large extent and it is a self pollinating tree. The attractive plums can be eaten fresh.

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