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Yellow Wood Tree

Yellow Wood Tree

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 19 , 2018

Yellow Wood Tree

Seeping out of each branch, leaf, and bloom. These trees have a large presence and stature, and typically, they tend to grow between 33 to 49 feet in height, sometimes even more. These trees make the perfect haven from the cold and glaring sun because their thick leaves provide immense amounts of shade. Also, these trees make the ideal refuge for animals such as squirrels and birds because of their welcoming branches and the abundance of seeds and nuts that they provide. Distinguished by its lush blooms and yellowish bark, these trees also feature substantial amounts of shrubbery and flora that contribute to the overall beauty of the tree. 

Blooms of the Yellow Tree

The Yellow Wood Tree produces fragrant blooms that are lovely to look and even better to smell. The odorous blooms don’t grow each year; they do, however, grow every other year, and the tree’s foliage is thick and lush every year. Additionally, these trees tend to prosper in soils that are slightly moist and somewhat drained, and they prefer full illumination from the sun. The appeal and beauty of these trees make them the perfect addition to anyone’s lawn, backyard or landscape. Overall, their ease of care and splendor make them ideal for all types of gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners.

Height: 49 feet maximum

Width: 10 feet

Soil: slightly moist, not soggy

sun: full and partial

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