Yellow Star Grass-6-12"

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Latin Name-Heteranthera Zosterifolia Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 6ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Star Grass – Heteranthera Zosterifolia

Star grass can often be mistaken for grass, but when the spring and summer seasons come, its slender green leaves thrive and bloom with starry bright yellow flowers. In the wild, this delicate woodland plant can be found in soils that are acidic. Often spotted in prairie openings, it can be quickly grown in garden beds given the adequate care. This warm-season perennial flower is well-suited in rock gardens, yet it also adapts nicely to clay or sandy soil. Its preference is full sun to partial shade, and as long as you don't overwater, it can spread into large beautiful colonies that thrive over time. As long as adequately controlled, it is not invasive.The blooms that sit atop the hard, hairy grass-like stems, often reaching about 12 inches in height, attract pollinators like butterflies and bees. These creatures are beneficial in any landscape as it is an evidence of a healthy ecosystem. After all, plants and wildlife are closely dependent on each other. This bright yellow wildflower, with its leaves and stems dusted with fine white hairs, is a member of the lily family. They are best enjoyed in the garden when they are in full bloom in May-July.Star Grass is a beautiful wildflower and will have very small dainty looking blooms. They will be bright yellow when in bloom and will look amazing. They will supply gardens and natural areas with lots of colors. This plant will love watery conditions. This plant will also have leaves that resemble a bamboo plant.


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