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Yellow blooming plants are the color of everything bright like the sun

Yellow is the color of sunshine, butterflies, and everything bright. If you want to bring an uplifting, energetic feeling to your garden, these yellow blooming plants will make a cheerful addition.

Yellow Trillium has elegant yellow blooms and does well in the shade

Yellow Trillium

Its three broad, flat leaves mark the yellow trillium. When the plant is in season, a delicate yellow flower blooms from the center of the leaves. Trilliums hug relatively close to the ground and do well in shady gardens; in the wild, they are found in forests and along river beds.

Your yellow trilliums can live around 25 years and will spread naturally if left unattended. If you start from a seed, the three large leaves will take a few years to grow in properly. Trilliums bloom in mid to late spring and become dormant in late summer to early fall.

Yellow blooming shrubs are fabulous accents for a garden like the Forsythia

Forsythia Shrubs

Forsythia shrubs are an eye-popping way to add yellow to your garden or lawn. These bushes bloom in late winter, transforming a grey and snowy yard with flashes of brilliant gold. Each branch is covered in tiny yellow flowers that bloom in the presence of warmth and light; you can bring a few cut branches inside during the winter and "force" them to bloom as a great cure for cabin fever.

Forsythia maintenance is all about proper pruning. The plants have a relaxed, natural growth pattern that needs to be respected while maintaining the plant's appearance. Flowers appear on the previous year's growth, so pruning should be done relatively early in the season.

Stella Do Ora Daylilies

Stella does ora daylilies popular in many landscape designs, and for a good reason. A single plant features several golden blossoms emerging from the center of a hidden waterfall. Stella de Oros is a perennial known as reblooming daylilies, which means that you'll see flowers again year after year.

Daylilies flower from late spring to early fall. To keep your plant looking gorgeous all season, trim off the dead blooms as they wilt; this will leave room for new flowers to come in all season long.